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YouTube Merchandise- Merch By YouTubers

Did you know that selling YouTube merchandise can significantly increase your revenue? Here's how.

Did you know that YouTube merchandise is one of the best ways to market and sell your products to your target audience by engaging them with your helpful content? These days, you will notice many creators build their YouTube merch store. It is becoming a top marketing strategy for every creator to generate more revenue from their YT channel.

What Is YouTube Merch?

YouTuber merch

The list of products that YouTubers sell using their channel is called YouTube Merch. YouTube allows you to create an online store to showcase your merch designs and products. You don’t necessarily need to manufacture the products you wish to sell on YouTube merch. Many content creators use print-on-demand services to create their merch. They also recommend branded merchandise to their target audience.

Benefits of Selling YouTube Merchandise

Numerous YouTubers have started exploring the choice of selling merchandise and creating separate sources of revenue generation. The prominent benefits of having YouTuber merch are elaborated below:

1. Reflects The Appreciation Of Your Fans For You

YouTube merch allows your fans to support you in growing your channel. They get to know you more as a content creator and are willing to engage more with your content in the future. It also fosters a sense of community when many subscribers embrace your brand and appreciate your content.

2. Assists Brand Building

By selling merchandise on your channel, you strengthen your channel’s perception among your target audience and build a higher recall value of your video content.  It helps to create a strong connection with your most loyal and engaged fans. YouTube merchandise can help you scale your ideas into a trustworthy brand.

3. Build An Independent Source Of Revenue Stream

Merch of YouTubers helps you to take back control of your online business from YT, and you don’t even need to be eligible for YPP to set up your online merch store. You no longer need to rely on Ads and YouTube monetization policies, although they are also potential revenue sources but not under your control. Relying only on ad revenue implies that you need to depend on YT and adjust according to its rules. However, selling your own merchandise using YouTube adds another significant revenue stream for your channel.

List Of Popular Merch By YouTubers

There are various options you can consider to sell as YouTuber merch. YouTube merchandise can be classified as fan merchandise and products that you create.

Fan merch can be very cost-effective due to print-on-demand services. You don’t have to maintain an inventory, manufacture products, or deal with shipping.

Selling Fan Merchandise includes:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Mugs
  • Stickers
  • Patches
  • Enamel Pins
  • Hats
  • Tote bags

Product merchandise has the potential to rake in higher revenues for your channel since these are offerings that are uniquely created by you. It reflects your originality as a content creator. Think of the major problems of your niche audience and think about what you can create to make their life easier. The popular product merchandise includes:

  • PDF instructions for a DIY project
  • Workshops or one-on-one lessons
  • Audio tracks
  • Art prints

How To Sell Merch On YouTube As A Creator?

Here are a few tips you should consider when creating the best YouTube merchandise for your fans.

1. Research About Your Niche Audience

You need to gather some details about your audience before creating merch for them. These could include knowing the size of the audience who are willing to buy custom T-shirts of your brand or channel. What would your audience prefer more, T-shirts, Hoodies or mugs? Try getting answers to such questions to get more ideas on creating your YouTube merchandise.

2. Create Your Designs

Once you zero in on the merch products you wish to promote, use the logo of your channel, favorite tagline, or slogan that you often use in your videos while creating the designs for your merch. There are numerous free logo makers or design tools that help you create custom designs for your merch.

3. Set Up Your Store

There are various tools like Shopify that help you set up your YouTube merch store in a hassle-free process without any complications. Add a link to your merchandise shop in every YT video description to drive maximum traffic to your store and increase the chance of conversion.

4. Promote Your Merch Actively

Once you have your store set up, start promoting it on various social media channels and YouTube videos. Make announcements through different channels whenever you add new items to your collection.


Getting started with YouTube merchandise is not as difficult as you think. But you need a long-term strategy to build the best merch store on YouTube that aligns with your channel goals. However, creating engaging content is a pre-requisite for selling your YouTube merch effectively since your fans trust your words and wish to purchase the things you recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Does YouTube Merchandise Help Me?

Selling YouTube merchandise helps you create a separate source of income, apart from running ads on your videos.

Q2. Do I Need To Have 1000 Subscribers To Start YouTuber Merch?

No. You can start launching your YouTuber Merch even with a low subscriber count.

Q3. Why Should I Open A YouTube Merch Store?

A YouTube merchandise store helps you to effectively set up the entire sales process for the audience, which makes it convenient for them to buy your products in a systematic manner.

Q4. Will Selling Merch On YT Increase The Engagement Rate On My Channel?

Selling Merch offers a measurable way for your target audience to directly support you, thus creating a win-win situation for both content creators and audience.