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Tips To Create A Successful YouTube Format

How do you make a successful YouTube channel? The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world’s biggest video-sharing platform. However, creating a successful YouTube format is all about following the right steps. During the EduCon in the UK, Scottish creator Mike Boyd shared a few tips. This blog will explore Boyd’s tips and help you create an outstanding YouTube format in 2021.

Well-defined set of rules

When talking about a set of rules, here a simple way to explain it. For example, romance movies aim for a happy ending. Likewise, authors and filmmakers tend to set specific parameters for their stories.

Every genre has its own set of rules that is unique in its own way. Similarly, you need to work around a well-defined set of rules to understand your end game. However, it is important to bring a hint of uniqueness to your content while working inside these rules.

If your channel’s niche is beauty and lifestyle, what sets you apart from other YouTube beauty channels. You can add that outstanding factor by bringing two genres together. For example, YouTuber Mykie, who runs her channel Glam & Gore, uses special effects in her makeup tutorial videos. Likewise, YouTuber Bailey Sarian talks about True Crime Stories and Makeup in her videos.

Similarly, you can experiment with your content and set new rules for your newly created genre. Again, try different scenarios to see what sticks and build your channel around it.

Build a recurring structure

Your video format needs a solid foundation to stand on. How would you describe your channel in one sentence? If you can’t do that, something is wrong, and you need to fix it or change your format immediately.

Once you know your format, build a structure for your channel. For example, you can your videos into an episode and turn them into a series. This will turn your videos into a book with little chapters. This will keep your audience engaged and waiting for the next episode.

Keep it open-ended

Lastly, keep your YouTube video format open-ended. You don’t want your videos ending the flow of your channel. Instead, create content that can be somehow connected and continued in every episode.

Series are a fantastic way to continue and connect all your videos together. For example, as a gaming channel, you can cover different scenarios of the same game in different videos. This way, you can create a playlist and put them under one category.