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Top 3 platforms to buy real YouTube views in 2023

Have you wondered if you can buy real YouTube views? Sounds risky, doesn’t it? YouTube is the world’s largest video-streaming platform, which means the competition here is difficult to beat.

To earn on this platform, the number of views on your videos plays an important role. In our blog, “How are views counted on YouTube” we have simplified how much you can make per view as a creator. You must have also come across the term “high retention views.” Let’s explore.

What are high retention views on YouTube?

A video is said to have high retention views when a user watches those videos from the beginning to the end, and the video views are increasing simultaneously. Creators aim to achieve this goal for better ranking on YouTube’s search engine result page.

In this blog, we will look at the best platforms that will help you buy real views on YouTube.

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Here are the 3 best platforms to buy real views:

  • YouTube Creators
  • Social Media
  • Veefly

YouTube Creators


In 2021, YouTube creators play an influential role on the platform. Collaborating with them will help you gain more visibility and open your channel up to a new set of audience. These influencers sometimes have a better impact than an ad on viewers.

Their fan base is loyal to them and, most of the time, follow their lead when buying a product or following someone they vouch for.

Many creators charge a fee depending on their status on YouTube for collaborations and promotions. You can run ads starring famous influencers with millions of subscribers, opening you up to the same audience. You can redirect their audience to your channel, thus, increasing your views from real users.

Social Media


In 2020, the world was hit by the global pandemic and went under lockdown. With people being stuck at home, social media usage sky-rocketed.

People spent most of their time on social media handles to pass their time. This opened up numerous opportunities for brands and creators to make their content more visible.

As a YouTuber, you must use this golden chance to not only increase your views but bring in more subscribers for your channel. You can run ads on your social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, redirecting that audience to your channel.



Buying views is an investment every creator should consider. One of the best platforms through which creators can buy views on YouTube from Veefly. This platform uses the latest YouTube marketing strategies, and Google AdWords to promote your videos.

All you have to do is start a campaign with them, set a budget and a goal. Veefly promotes your videos or channel by running ads to relevant audiences and bringing in more views and subscribers to your channel.

It also has a “targeting” option, which lets you choose which country you would like to specifically promote your videos. For a minimum of $50, you get 5000 views approximately.


To succeed on YouTube, you need a proper marketing strategy. When people view your content and engage with it, YouTube considers it to be of value. Your popularity amongst your audience will grow your business further.

Let us know the difficulties you face when looking to buy real YouTube views in the comment section.