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AI Dubbing In YouTube Video Transforms Online Video Experience

Expand your global reach using the new YouTube AI dubbing tool!

As a content creator, wouldn’t you want your video to be watched globally? Well, before you choose to buy YouTube views to get more visibility, you must know that the language barrier also might be stopping you from becoming a global sensation. But that’s going to change now as AI dubbing in YouTube videos will now be possible!

Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube AI dubbing.

AI Dubbing In YouTube Video Is Available Now

The video-sharing giant is testing a new tool that will help YouTubers to dub their videos in various other languages using the new AI tool. YouTube has now collaborated with AI powered dubbing service Aloud, which is a part of Google’s in-house incubator area 120.

YouTube AI dubbing

YouTube recently introduced support for multi-linguistic audio tracks that will help YouTubers to reach a wider audience globally. With the YouTube AI dubbing tool, creators have dubbed more than 10K videos in over 70 languages as of June 2023.

Google introduced Aloud in 2022. This AI dubbing tool transcribes a video for the content creator and then translates and produces a dub version. As a content creator, you can review and edit the transcriptions before Aloud generates the dub version in other languages.

Currently, YouTube is testing this new tool with many content creators and eventually, the tool will be available for all YouTubers. However, Aloud is only available in English, Spanish and Portuguese currently. But further, this YouTube AI dub will be available in Hindi, Bahasa Indonesian and many more languages.

Before YouTube introduced this amazing AI powered tool, content creators had to partner directly with third-party dubbing tools to create their audio tracks in different languages. This was time-consuming and expensive at the same time. But Aloud, the new YouTube AI dubbing tool will allow content creators to dub their videos at absolutely no cost!

YouTube will further work towards translating audio tracks to sound like the content creators’ voices and expressions and lip sync so the audience will be able to resonate with the content better.


Now that you know of the new AI dubbing in YouTube videos, you must try it as soon as it’s available. This will definitely help you in expanding your reach to an international audience, and more people will be able to connect to your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Dubbing YouTube?

YouTube is currently testing an AI powered tool that will allow creators to dub their videos in various languages. This dubbing will allow users to view the video in their native language.

Q2. Can AI Dub A Video?

YouTube has now introduced an AI dubbing tool that will allow content creators to dub their videos in multiple languages.

Q3. How Do You Add Dubbing To YouTube?

To add dubbing on YouTube you need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to YT studio on your PC
  2. From the left menu, select subtitles.
  3. Click on the video that you wish to edit.
  4. Then click add language and select your language.
  5. Under the audio option, click Add.
  6. Select file from your PC.
  7. Choose the file that you want to upload.
  8. Finally, click publish.

Q4. Can AI Dubbing Replace Human Voice Actors And Dubbing Professionals?

Although AI dubbing and voiceovers have made significant advancements in recent years and will continue to do so, it is highly unlikely that they will completely replace human voice actors and dubbing professionals. AI dubbing still lacks the finer emotions, subtle voice inflections, and authentic expressions that a dubbing professional can deliver.

Q5. Is AI dubbing On YouTube Accurate And Natural Sounding?

Depending on the AI voice you use for your YouTube videos, you can generate dubbing voices that maintain a consistent quality throughout the video without any variations in pronunciation or intonation.