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How To Write A Script Of YouTube Video?

Write script for YouTube video and refine your content strategy to perfection.

If you’re just about to start your YT channel, you must know how to write a script of YouTube video. Writing a script for a YT video allows you to organize your thoughts and share information hassle-free without frequent pauses. Learning how to write a YouTube video script is an essential part of creating high-quality video content. It keeps your content organized, focused, and engaging for your audience.

A YouTube video script is a written document that includes the specifications of the different content aspects. It includes the plot, storyline, CTA, and tone of voice for your video. Once you gain enough confidence and expertise, it will take less time for you to make a script for your YouTube video. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced creator, this article will guide you on how to write a script of YouTube video and some tips that will make it easier for you to reach out to your subscribers effortlessly.

How To Write A Script For A YouTube Video?

How To Write A Script On YouTube

Your script should focus on the audience, and the language used should speak directly to your viewers. The steps include:

  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Brainstorm Ideas To Deliver A Story
  • Determine The Narrative And Tone Of Your Video
  • Craft A Intriguing Video Title With The Right Keywords
  • Create An Outline Of The YouTube Script

If you’re confused about what to include in your vlogs on YouTube, then here are some guidelines that you must follow while you write the draft of the script for YouTube video:

1. Identifying Your Target Audience

Who are you making these videos for? What is your chosen YouTube audience niche? It is crucial to know what audience are you trying to appeal to. With those details in place, you can craft a better tone, style, and main content idea for your video.

Speak to your target audience by performing in-depth research on their daily challenges, pain points, desired circumstances, and joys.

Once you know your viewers, you can refine the finer details of the content you want to share in the video and, accordingly, set the language and tone.

2. Brainstorm Ideas To Deliver A Story

Including a story in your video is a powerful way to deliver your message to your audience in an engaging and interesting way. Creating a story around your video content breathes life into your content ideas and makes it more relatable for your audience. A story helps to strengthen your point and attracts a large size of your potential audience, thus supporting your overall objective. List all the ideas that you have and blend different aspects to come up with an intriguing story.

3. Determine The Narrative And Tone Of Your Video

After you identify your target audience, you must set a tone while you write a YouTube script of your video that also displays your personality. After all, you won’t keep the same tone in a video on how to make presentations and share tips on the latest level to play Minecraft.

Your script voice and tone will decide the narrative and create a flow in your story. A strong narrative accompanied by an intriguing story will increase your odds of being liked by your target audience and compel them to hit the subscribe button.

4. Craft An Intriguing Video Title Using Relevant Keywords

A crucial step in writing a script for a YouTube video is creating an intriguing video title that gives a hint about what your video is about. This helps you stay focused on the topic, grab the viewer’s attention, keep them hooked until the end, and provide the information in an organized manner. Watch time is one of the parameters YouTube judges your channel on. Viewers watching till the end means your videos are likable. Hence, the platform will decide to promote video on YouTube.

A helpful tip here is to include the right set of keywords in your title. It helps you to refine your script, which increases YouTube views on your videos. Use an engaging title that sparks the curiosity of your viewers.

5. Create An Outline Of YouTube Script

Now that you have the topic of your video, the hidden desires of your target audience, and the tone of your YouTube video, start creating an outline script for your video. To create an outline for your YouTube transcript, you must divide it using these four steps:

  • Write an intro that keeps your audience hooked to watch the entire video. It should be entertaining, emotional, and informative.
  • Include the information and research related to the topic. Organize them accurately to bring out the flow in your YouTube video script.
  • Add a CTA at the end of your video, depending on where you want to direct your target audience. Potential CTAs include asking viewers to subscribe, like, comment, share, or subscribe to their email list.
  • Refine your script to add end-screen elements to your video. Read it thoroughly from the beginning, rearrange the flow of content if needed, and make it up to the mark to attract maximum engagement.

7 Tips To Write An Engaging YouTube Video Script

When you learn how to write a script for YouTube video, you will come across two aspects. Planning the video script and actually writing it. Follow the tips below when you write YouTube script to ensure your video is entertaining and engaging.

1. Use Present Tense When Writing The Script

Always write the script for YouTube video in the present tense so your video never goes out of time. Even if a viewer is watching the video 2 years after it was posted, it will still sound like the latest video. It helps to create a sense of urgency in the viewers.

2. Keep The Sentences Short

Usually, long sentences are difficult to hear, follow and understand. Therefore, use shorter sentences while you write the script and make the flow sound casual. Also, vary the length of the sentences so that whatever you read sounds natural and more like you are having a conversation with your viewers.

3. Add The Humor Element

Even if you make educational content make sure you add a tint of humor when you write a script for your YouTube video. It lightens the audience’s mood and maintains a light-hearted tone to your video. Also, don’t go overboard by cracking jokes that could offend people.

4. Prefer Active Voice Over Passive Voice

Passive voice makes it difficult to understand the sentences and requires more effort from your viewers.  So, whenever you write the YouTube video script, remember to use an active voice that helps keep the tone engaging. It is also recommended to use active voice when writing YouTube video descriptions.

5. Keep Things Simple In YouTube Video Script

This is the most often overlooked factor when learning how to write a script for a YouTube video. Always keep things simple in your YT video script by removing unnecessary words or sentences.

6. Make It Conversational

YouTube, as a platform, offers a variety of videos and caters to the needs of a vast audience segment. Though you might share academic knowledge in your videos, don’t make it sound like a boring speech, which causes your viewers to stop watching the videos. But at the same time, do not make it sound very casual.

7. Edit Your Script

Read your script multiple times to avoid any errors. If you are unsure, try running a verbal rehearsal off the camera. Keep revising your content in the script until you’re satisfied.


Now that you know how to write a script of YouTube video, following the guidelines will help in getting more views on videos. Learning how to write a YouTube video script might seem overwhelming initially, but it pays off multifolds in the long run. You don’t need to be an expert right from the beginning. If you aren’t confident enough, you can ask a YouTube script writer to help you initially. You can explore different YouTube tools to rank your videos higher. In case, scripting writing didn’t help you attract your viewers, you can always buy YouTube views from promotion services like VeeFly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Should A Script Be For A YouTube Video?

If you want to make a one-minute-long video, then you need to write a script of 125-150 words. But if you create a long video of 10 minutes duration, you will have to write 1500 words script

Q2. How Much Does It Cost To Write A YouTube Script From A Writer?

It costs $50 to $500 to write a video script for YouTube.

Q3. Do You Need A Script To Make A YouTube Video?

Yes, you definitely need to write a script for YouTube video if you want to organize your thoughts and information to make engaging content.

Q4. Do YouTubers Use Scripts?

It usually depends on YouTubers. Some prefer to record candid videos. Some of them prefer to create organized videos.