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YouTube Multiple Thumbnail: Creators Can Now Test 3 Thumbnails Per Video

Now upload multiple thumbnails on your YT video.

YouTube thumbnails are considered to be one of the important factors to buy YT views from the audience organically. Setting an attractive thumbnail to gain maximum clicks has always been on your mind as a creator. With the new YouTube multiple thumbnail update, it will now be easier to know what catches your viewers’ attention.

Creators will soon be able to AB test YouTube thumbnails which will allow them to find out which one drove the videos more clicks.

What Do You Need To Know About The YouTube Multiple Thumbnail?

The video-sharing platform is now testing a new feature. With this upcoming YouTube thumbnail news, you, as a YouTuber, will now be able to add three separate thumbnails for one video. Since it’s an early testing phase, YouTube is calling this feature “test & compare.” With this update of YouTube thumbnail AB testing, these thumbnails will be shown to a rough number of users across YouTube. With this, you will be able to find out which one out of the three has driven more clicks on your YouTube video. Through YouTube thumbnail split testing, once you know the thumbnail that winning more hearts, you can switch to that thumbnail permanently.

Currently, YouTube is experimenting with the test & compare multiple thumbnails for YouTube with a few hundred creators. They plan to expand the new YouTube thumbnail feature to a few thousand creators.

multiple thumbnails for YT video

But we cannot expect the full multiple thumbnail for YouTube rollout anytime soon. Since this is one of the most wanted features by content creators, it will be available next year, 2024.

This is the first time that YouTube will be introducing the test thumbnail feature that will help the creators choose the right thumbnail for their videos. But at the same time, this process of YouTube thumbnail testing will be disruptive since you will have to upload multiple thumbnails for one YT video.


Since you now know about the new YouTube multiple thumbnail update, you can now gauge what your audience likes the most. This will help you to get more views on your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Are YouTubers Changing Thumbnails?

Most YouTubers change their thumbnails to make the audience think that it’s a new video. This will help them in drawing more views on their videos and hence earn money.

Q2. Does Changing Thumbnail Affect Views?

Changing your video’s thumbnail can have a huge impact on the number of views that your video receives. When a low-click-through rate thumbnail is replaced with a new one, there are chances that your click-through rate will improve.

Q3. Will YouTube Remove Thumbnails?

If your thumbnail is not appropriate for the audience, then YT will restrict your video or remove your video.

Q4. How Does YouTube Decide Thumbnail?

If you haven’t added a thumbnail to your video, then YT will pick an image from the entire video to be displayed as a thumbnail.