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How to Find Best Topics – YouTube Beginners Guide On Finding Best Content

Want to start your YouTube channel in 2021? But doesn't know where to start? Here are some unique niches you can target for producing amazing videos.

Are you thinking of having your YouTube channel? Do you already have a YouTube channel and you’re wondering what content you can post? YouTube has been the best video-sharing platform and the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube offers the best monetary returns to its creators and artists. As a beginner, you might wonder how to attract viewers to your channel or which content will your audience be interested in watching!

Trending Categories For New YouTube Channel

Below are my top 5 picks to start a brand new YouTube Channel. Currently, these niches have a mix of high and low competition but have a broader global audience.


YouTube Trending Topics

With the current pandemic happening, the audience is looking out for fitness tips and workout programs. If you are planning to start a fitness channel, you can organize short and exciting challenges to keep your audience engaged. Yoga and Zumba are very much in demand right now and can be done virtually only by keeping the current situation in mind.

Beauty & Fashion

YouTube Trending Fashion

Make-up tutorials are much in trend now. Fashion is an integral part of personality development. People get inspired by the fashion bloggers, they are the trendsetters! Hair tutorials, skincare, recreating, and experimenting with new outfits is something new and exciting.

Product Review

YouTube Trending Fashion

People do not buy products without reading or watching reviews about products! You can review the products that you use so that the reviews you share sound genuine to your audience. You can share reviews on electronic gadgets, cosmetics, applications, bags, or clothes. This also allows you to promote products on YouTube that will help you in making money. Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn monetary gains.


YouTube Trending Gaming

Gaming channels have a hell-lot of craze! You can put up videos to clear a level or play the game while you stream live! The audience not only loves playing the game but they enjoy watching live streams to learn new tricks and techniques.

Music & Entertainment

YouTube Trending Music

If you’re simply good at singing, creating music, or playing an instrument, you can have a music channel. People search for instrumental notes and karaokes on YouTube. Similarly, dance and choreographers have a huge fan following on YouTube. Playing pranks, humorous content, fun trolling, and mimicry have been prominent on YouTube. You can even review movies, series, or books on YouTube.

Concluding Thoughts

You do not need to be a pro while beginning a YouTube channel! You have skills and all you need to do is keep upskilling yourself and keep posting videos frequently. Once you decide the genre you want to make a channel on you can follow these ideas that I have shared:

  • Introduce your friends or family: You can introduce your family members or your friends in your videos to build a personal rapport with your audience
  • Behind the scenes: Before you upload your video, you can share a short behind the scene video to increase the excitement level of your viewers.
  • Share something about yourself: Introduce your hobbies in your videos, you can also tell your own story and share your daily routine and habits.

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