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Top Trending Challenges To Do For YouTube

What are some fun challenges to do? What are some 24 hour challenges?

Before discussing the Fun challenges to do for YouTube, let us tell you that always start off with some easy challenges before moving on to the difficult ones. To get an idea, watch already existing challenges to do for YouTube and then create your own.

The most fascinating and addictive thing to do now is to watch YouTube challenges. These are not only fun to do with friends, but they’re also a fun way to pass the time when you’re bored.


Taking up challenges is a fun way to engage your audience and, occasionally, go viral.
On the other hand, most YouTube challenge lists include ideas for challenges that most people cannot do. But, we have compiled a list of challenges to do for YouTube videos that you can easily do with your friends. So, let us begin without further ado!

What Challenges To Do For YouTube?

Yoga Challenge

This one is one of the good challenges to do for YouTube. Well, now is your time to try them out with a friend and discover how difficult or simple they are. Be cautious, though; advanced movements should be left to the experts to avoid injury.

Baby Food Challenge

This is another fun challenge to do for YouTube channel. Okay, this one is a little gross; basically, you grab a bunch of baby food, eat it with a friend, and then each of you has to identify what elements are in the mashed-up jar of food; it shouldn’t be harmful because it’s actual baby food. But not meant for adults taste buds.

Blindfold Make-Up Challenge

This one’s fun to watch as well as fantastic to try with your bestie. This funny challenge demands you to blindfold yourself and do your friend’s makeup. It’s also a lot of fun when males take on this task. It is one of the best challenges to do for YouTube videos as it is always trending and quite fun to watch.

Brain Freeze Challenge

It is a pretty trending challenge for famous YouTubers and artists. Fill a bathtub with ice, make a friend sit in it, and ask them questions. They can only get out if they answer a question correctly. It’s hilarious but make sure you don’t try it for too long as it could lead to some health issues.

Whisper Challenges To Do For YouTube

This is an easy and enjoyable task that you may do with a friend at home (could be more than one). Put on some loud music, and you’ll have to read your friend’s lips to understand what he or she is saying due to the background noise. You can try this good challenge to do for YouTube channel or your next gathering with your friends and family.


Eat it Or Wear It Challenge

This challenge can be done with friends and family also. The rules are simple: give each food item a number (ketchup, popcorn, etc.). You can be as creative as you want with your food items. Put the numbers in a box and write them down on different sheets of paper. Each individual will choose a number randomly from the box and then select whether to eat or wear the item that corresponds to that number. Because things may become nasty quickly, I recommend that you wear old clothing and do this challenge outside.

Pizza Challenge

Every round, each contestant must pick a mystery topping ingredient. To make a whole pizza, you’ll need at least four components per person. Finally, everyone should consume their mystery pizza. Take this up as your next challenge to do for YouTube with friends.

Squid Game Dalgona Challenge

This is one of the recent challenges trending on YouTube after Netflix’s hit show Squid Game. If you have watched the show, you would know how tough it is to crack this one.  You can watch some tips and tricks before taking up this challenge.


These are some of the most trending and prevalent challenges to do for YouTube channel. This completes our list of YouTube challenge ideas for you to perform with your friends and family at home. We hope you like seeing these tasks; if you try them with your friends, you will feel great. To watch more YouTube videos, Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun challenges to do?

Some fun challenges we recommend are the ice bucket challenge, who knows me better challenge with boyfriend and Mom, spicy Korean challenge, Chubby bunny challenge.

What are some 24-hour challenges?

You can try some easy 24 hour challenges like eating baby food for 24 hours, eating any color food like yellow food for the next 24 hours, saying yes for 24 hours.

What is the not my hands challenge?

You must execute a task using someone else’s arm in the Not My Arms challenge. For example, put your hands behind your back, have a buddy sit behind you, and then have them slip their hands and arms beneath yours to finish the work for you.