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How to Get Cheap YouTube Views?

Where can I buy cheap YouTube views? Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views

If you’re a YouTuber, you know how important the role views play to grow your YouTube channel. YouTube is the largest search engine after Google and has over two billion users per month. To earn on YouTube you need a be a part of the YPP. According to YPP, you need to have 4000 hours of the watch in the past 12 months. Are you thinking about how to get views on your videos? You need to post quality content and long-duration videos on YouTube. Today let’s discuss how to get cheap views for your YouTube videos.

List of Platforms to Get Cheap YouTube Views



We at Veefly is a youtube promotion service provider to grow your channel. All you have to do is, provide us with your YouTube video URL, select the country or the region you want to promote your video. You also need to provide us keywords that will help us to understand your target audience. And you’ll receive views on your videos with likes and comments for free! You can contact us to receive promo codes as well.



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SMM World


SMM World provides likes, followers, and subscribers for other social media channels too! They try to get views on your videos instantly within an hour of placing the order. Their charges are less as compared to their competitors.

Tips to get cheap Free YouTube views

Optimize your YouTube channel and videos

As you know, YouTube is a search engine and SEO plays a very important in getting views for your YouTube videos. Therefore, use keywords in your video description and the title. Also, use relevant keywords according to the niche of your YouTube channel.

Promote your YouTube videos on social media

Social media has the power to make videos go viral. Also, they promote your videos for free. Try posting short snippets of your videos on social media and ask your audience to watch the entire video on your YouTube channel.

Enable embedding

Your subscribers and your viewers are your fans and promote your videos for free. Therefore, enable embedding the video link to your YouTube video settings So that they can embed your video in their blogs and websites.

Post long videos

As you know watch time is an integral part of YouTube’s algorithm. If you post short videos the watch time calculated for your YouTube channel will be less. Hence, you need to post videos of long duration so that you get more watch time on your videos.

Concluding thoughts

Try getting views organically on your videos. If you buy YouTube views and subscribers, you will not know if your audience is interested in watching your content. Once you start getting few views on your video then you can buy YouTube views to grow your YouTube channel and earn money.