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How To Use YouTube Copyright Match Tool?

Know who has used your content right now!

If you’re a YouTuber with smashing content, creators on YouTube tend to use some part of your videos to make their content engaging. Does that go on your nerves? Well, it might, and this is when you need to know about the copyright match tool.

The copyright match tool helps you know whose content matches yours. The feature gives you a list of videos that have used content from your videos. So, let’s embark on understanding how to use the YouTube copyright match tool.

YouTube Copyright Match Tool To Know Who Have Used Your Content

Knowing who has used your content in their video will let you raise copyright issues and free your channel from any problems. Follow these steps to unveil those creators.

1. Log into YouTube. You will see the channel logo in the top right-hand corner.

2. Head to the channel logo and select the YouTube studio option.


3. Now, click on the copyright section down on the left panel.


4. You will see the videos if your content is taken away. If you do not see any video on the screen, it means your channel is safe and at a safe distance from pitfalls.

Steps To Submit Removal Request Using The Copyright Match Tool

Sadly, if you have come across some videos using your content, make sure to file the removal request immediately.

1. Click on the “NEW REMOVAL REQUEST” option at the top-right corner of the screen where you see the list of videos.

youtube-submit removal request

2. You have to fill out the removal form. Start with adding your video. Tap on the add a video button.

add video youtube-removal request

3. Under the add a video option, you have to select your “Type of work” and the link to the “Infringing video.” Once you are done, click on “ADD TO LIST.”

4. Now fill in the “Copyright owner” section. Click on the “Affected party” dropdown and choose “Myself.” If you want to apply a request for a brand YouTube channel, you must choose the My company option.

5. Write the copyright owner’s name, phone number, and primary email, select the country city, and fill in the street address and other information.

fill the details-yt-request removal

6. The YouTube copyright match tool gives you two removal options. “Scheduled: Send a 7-day notice” or “Standard: Request removal now.” You can also tick the check box below to prevent future copies of the content.

types of removal request-youtube

7. Check the box under “Legal agreements” to confirm that every piece of information filled in is accurate. Give your signature and click the “Submit” button at the top.

youtube copyright match tools


Every creator needs a YouTube copyright match tool to safeguard their YouTube channel from unwanted issues. Now that you know how to use copyright matching tools and submit the removal request, we suggest you go through the copyright section under YouTube Studio to check if your content is copied. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I resolve a copyright claim on YouTube?

You may receive a copyright claim if you have used someone’s content. To remove the claim, you can navigate under copyright in YouTube Studio and find the relevant claims under content identified in the video section. Study what content you have received a claim for and trim it out.

Q2. How can YouTube detect copyright?

YouTube offers an automated content identification system for creators to identify copyrighted content. Uploaded videos are scanned to match the audio and visual content submitted to YouTube by the copyright owner.

Q3. Who is eligible for the copyright match tool on YouTube?

The copyright match tool is available to every YouTube user who wants to submit a valid copyright removal request.

Q4. Will I get banned for copyright claims on YouTube?

If you do not trim the copyright clips and keep using other content in your videos, you will incur more copyright infringement, which can lead to account termination.