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YouTube Music Introduces The Redesigned Share Sheet For Android Users

Can you find the share button feature?

YouTube redesigned the YT music share sheet feature for iOS users a long time ago, and now it is expanding to Android users. Yes, better late than never! The feature is shifted to keep the interface sorted out for users. If you are an Android user, you might not have experienced it yet. But now it’s the time. Let’s learn everything about the newly redesigned YouTube Music share sheet feature so as not to miss your chance to use it.

What’s Redesign Share Sheet Feature On YouTube Music?


The share sheet feature on YT Music shifts to furnish a more organized and advanced interface with less screen coverage. The share sheet is relocated so you can hassle-free share the music with anyone you want across different platforms. Like earlier, you will see two options: “copy link” and “share with other apps” after clicking the share button.

You can either use “copy the link” to share the sheet with your friends or use “share with other apps” to send the sheet through different platforms apart from social media platforms.

The share sheet is now located above the playing section on YouTube Music. You have to swipe right on the options to find the share sheet button. By now, you must already have the feature with you, but if you don’t, consider updating the application.

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Now that you know everything about share sheets on YouTube Music, explore the options available and share the sheet across different platforms. It made the process of sharing music and other features pretty accessible without any click. As an artist, you can even share the sheet on social media to buy YouTube views for tracks.

The options are located at the top of the play music status, and you just need to swipe right to access the features. Besides the share button, YouTube offers offline download and radio options to enhance the user interface.

As the share sheet button has recently been redesigned, you may not see it right away. However, the application is already available for iOS users and is now gradually expanding for Android users. Ensure to use the latest version of YouTube Music to get the feature earlier.