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How To Find Song From YouTube Video?

Find a song from a YT video using this guide.

If you want to know the name of the song you heard, you must know how to find a song from a YouTube video.

Many YouTubers play music in the background without mentioning the name in the description, and finding the son’s name could be challenging for you. But don’t worry; here are workarounds that will help you find a song from YouTube as quickly as possible.

Best Ways To Find A Song From A YouTube Video In 2023

YouTube is on the path of developing a few features and changes every day to all its products. One is the humming feature, which lets you search for a song just by humming it on YouTube. So cool, isn’t it? This feature is currently in the testing process. Until then, the following methods will help you identify music in YouTube videos.

1. Look Into The Video’s Description To Search For Song

find song-youtube video

Some YouTubers mention the name of the song in the video’s description to avoid copyright issues. You can look into the description to find the names of the songs.

2. Shazam: Find A Song From A YouTube Video

shazam-youtube song finder

If the video’s description doesn’t have the song’s name used, an extension like Shazam becomes handy. Shazam is a free extension you can add to Chrome and use it just by pinning. When playing the video, click on the extension pinned at the top and leave the rest. It will identify the song’s track within a few seconds.

3. AHA Music (Chrome): Find Music From YouTube Video

aha music-youtube song finder

AHA Music is another YouTube song finder that can be used to identify songs. This extension is an alternative to Shazam as it works precisely like Shazam. With the song name, the extension also tells you the platform where the track is available, like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, etc.

4. Ask YouTubers or Other Commenters

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Sometimes, asking YouTubers and commenters directly saves you time. Other users will help you know the track’s name if not YouTubers. This might seem old-fashioned at first, but it is one of the things you try to find a song from a YouTube video.

5. Identify Music In YouTube Using Subtitle


Finding a song from a YouTube video becomes more straightforward if you turn on the subtitle. This way, you can see the track’s lyrics and search it on Google to find the name. If the subtitle isn’t available, don’t worry. Did you forget about the extension? It’s still there to help you search for the track’s name.


Remembering the lyrics of each song you listen to is not possible. But you need to search for a way to find a song from a YouTube video, right? Here are some workarounds that will help you find the track you want. Our favorite one is Shazam, as it’s easier to use. Just pin it to the Chrome and use it whenever the music is playing in the background. If you like mashing up songs, you can do it once you know the track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the top YouTube song finders?

Shazam and AHA Music are both the top YouTube song finders. These are the best and most free applications to add to Chrome and use anytime. Pin it to the browser and click on it when the music is playing.

Q2. How do you find a song from a YouTube video using Google?

The only way to find a song from a YouTube video is by listening carefully to the lyrics and searching it on Google to get a music’s name.

Q3. Is Shazam Free?

Shazam is the best and freest YouTube song finder that can be used to find any song. If you struggle to recognize the songs, opting for this extension could be the best decision.

Q4. Can YouTube music recognize songs?

Not YouTube, but creators can find and recognize their songs through YouTube’s automated content ID systems. But as a publishing administrator, they automatically deliver songs in your account that have at least one ISRC attached.