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Beginners guide for YouTube Gaming Equipment

What equipment does a beginner Youtuber need? YouTube Gaming Equipment For Beginners

If you want to share your gaming knowledge and skill through your youtube channel, using the right youtube gaming equipment is the smart move in the right direction. 

If you can earn money for a thing you are anyway doing for free, then I say why not get paid for it?

The gaming industry is estimated to be worth $160 Billion and it’s not stopping there. The gaming industry is growing so rapidly that streaming giants like Netflix are planning to delve into it.

Popular Gaming channels like Gaming Beavers make $1.75M yearly, who says it can’t be your gaming channel making a million dollars yearly?

All you need is a YT channel, YouTube gaming equipment, and a working niche!

Pick a game you want to record: 

There are thousands of games out there, pick a game you love playing. Create a niche for yourself. It will help you build an audience for yourself rapidly.

For example, Gaming Beavers has created a niche of dinosaur video games for himself. He creates videos on games such as Jurassic World: The Game, The Isle, and Jurassic World Evolution.  That makes every dinosaur-themed gamer his YouTube gaming channel’s audience.

What YouTube Gaming equipment do you need?

Audio recorder

Using a good microphone is essential while creating gaming videos on YouTube. There is nothing more offputting than poor audio quality.

Thankfully, quality microphones don’t necessarily mean expensive, nowadays. There are a ton of cheap microphones available for gamers today with killer audio quality.

Blue snowball ice is a widely used mic, it will cost you around $100. It’s a little expensive but it’s an investment, you won’t regret. Its sound quality is amazing with a ton of quality features.

If you cant afford it, don’t be disheartened, Check out:

  •  Hyper Xsolocast ($60)

Gaming youtube channel

  • Razer Seiren Mini($50)

youtube gaming equipment


These microphones provide amazing sound quality but lack a few features like a mute button. Research well before buying the most important equipment for your gaming channel.

Tip: Record your voice after recording your video, for better quality and greater control and options during editing.

Audio Editing Software for YouTube Gaming Videos

One of the most commonly used audio editing software among the gaming YouTuber community is Audacity.

Audacity is absolutely free and easy to use.

youtube gaming channel

Audacity allows you to:

  • Edit Audio
  • Clear Noise
  • Change Pitch
  • Equalize everything

Video Recording Software For YT Gaming Videos

Your Video Capture hardware has its own recording software but it might not give you the professional look that you need for a youtube channel.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free option available for live video production, live streaming, and video recording. It is widely used for creating high-quality gaming videos for youTube.


TIP: Go through detailed tutorials and learn the tips and tricks of using OBS. It will save a lot of your time and effort later.

Video Editing software

There are a lot of free editing softwares out there that you can choose from for editing videos for your YT gaming channel.

Windows movie maker and Imovie are a couple of built-in video editors that your laptops can provide for free. But they have limited features.

Lightworks is a free video editing software that is easy to use. It’s the go-to editing tool for beginners. It has better editing features like the union of videos, sounds, images, and cuts.

Gaming youtube channel

It is compatible with various video formats. It’s the best free video editing tool out there.

TIP: As a novice YouTuber, you don’t need to fixate on your editing skills, it will improve over time. Focus on churning out content consistently at the beginning.

Gaming PC

You will need a computer that’s good enough to record your games. Seeing as you already play games, you already have that. As a beginner, you don’t need to spend extra money on buying a new gaming PC for your channel. The gaming PC you have will work fine.

gaming setup


Source: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/best-gaming-pc,review-2219.html

TIP: Get an extra hard drive as you start recording games that are hours long and high resolution, you will require more storage space.

With the right youtube gaming equipment at your disposal, start uploading gaming videos on YouTube. As your skills improve, so will your audience. The secret is to keep creating. Consistency is the key to success when it comes to YouTube.

Once you have your Youtube gaming equipment set up, start growing your gaming channel one video at a time!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it worth starting a YouTube gaming channel in 2020?

Yes, it’s definitely worth starting a YouTube gaming channel in 2020. It’s a billion-dollar industry that’s constantly growing.
  • Who is the richest YouTuber?

The richest YouTuber in the world currently is Jeffree Star with a net worth of $200 million.

  • What is the most popular game on YouTube right now 2020?

Minecraft is the most popular game on YouTube right now in 2020.