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YouTube Homepage Not Loading: What To Do?

Find Best Ways To Fix The Homepage Not Loading Error!

Have you ever faced the YouTube Not Working Error? The video-sharing platform YouTube has more than 2 billion users all over the globe. More than 50 million people are using YouTube Premium and music. YouTube has the fixes to almost all our problems. So what do we do if the app that helps us to fix our daily problems stops working? Here are some ways to fix the YouTube not working error!

Best Ways To Fix The YouTube Homepage Not Loading error

Update YouTube app

If the YouTube home page not loading, you simply check if you are using the updated version of YouTube. Android users can update the latest version from the Play Store. iOS device users can update YouTube using the App Store.

Clear the YouTube app cache

The app cache is also why YouTube home not loading. Follow these steps to clear the YouTube app cache on your android.

1. Open “settings” on your android phone.

2. Select “Apps”


3. Tap on “Manage Apps”


4. Choose “YouTube”


5. Click “Clear Data”


6. Now you can finally clear cache by tapping on “Clear cache.”


7. Then, finally, click ‘OK’ and clear the YouTube app cache.


To clear the cache on your iPhone:

1. Open “Settings” 

2. Click on “General”


3. Then select “iPhone Storage”


4. Tap on “YouTube”


5. Click on “Offload App.”


6. Now tap “OK”


Check Your Internet Connection Which Leads To YouTube Not Working

Check if your mobile data is working properly. Or, if your device is connected to Wi-Fi, check if the router is connected properly. If your internet modem is not working, then you to get in touch with your service provider. Your internet connection might be one of the reasons why YouTube has stopped working.

Set The Time And Date To Fix YouTube Home Not loading

If the time and date are incorrect on your device, that might also be responsible for the YouTube not working error. This might sound very strange, but when the time and date are incorrect on your device, Google servers cannot sync with your device, so YT has stopped working on your Android. Here’s how to set your date and time on your Android device:

1. Open “settings” on your phone.

2. Now tap on “Date and time.”


3. Turn on “Use network-provided time zone.” The time and date will stay updated according to your location.


Why YouTube Homepage Not Loading?

There are various reasons why the YouTube homepage not loading error occurs. Here are some issues that you can fix using the above techniques:

    1. You are using an outdated version of the YT app.
    2. The app cache is full on the device.
    3. The Internet is not working.
    4. The date and time on the device is incorrect.


After trying all these methods, we are sure the YouTube not working error gets solved on your device. Has your YouTube video stopped working suddenly? Here’s how you can fix the YouTube 400 error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my YouTube home page blank?

Check if your internet is working or connected properly, that could be one of the reasons why the YouTube homepage is blank.

Q2. How do I restore my YouTube homepage?

Here’s how you can restore your YouTube homepage:

  • Update YouTube app
  • Clear the YouTube app cache
  • Check your internet connection
  • Set the time and date

Q3. Why is my YouTube not loading anything?

Most of the time, refreshing the page solves the problem, but you may also need to update your browser or clear the cache.

Q4. How do I fix YouTube not responding?

Clear your app cache, that is one of the main reasons why YouTube is not responding.