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How to Move Videos From One YouTube Channel to Another?

Transfer videos from one YT channel to another without tool.

If you’ve created a new YouTube account and want to move YouTube video to another channel, you are in the right place!

Creating YT videos takes lots of time and effort for an individual, and making all of them again for your new channel can be a backbreaking job. Transferring all your YouTube videos is indeed an ideal choice in such a condition. You only need to download and upload the videos to your new channel. Use this guide to move YouTube video to another channel.

Steps To Move YouTube Video To Another Channel

Transferring YouTube videos to another channel is not as complicated as it sounds. But remember that moving your videos will lose all their watch time, and you need to generate views from scratch, including a subscriber base.

1. Log in to your old YouTube channel using the official credentials.

2. Head to the profile icon at the top right and choose the YouTube studio option.


3. Select the content tab on the left panel of the screen to see the YouTube video you want to move to another channel. 

content-movie youtube video-channel

4. Hover to the videos, click the three-dot icons and choose the download option.


Once you are done, the videos will start downloading, and you will see that under the download icon at the top of the search bar next to the extension icon.

5. Repeat the steps to download all videos.

6. Now, switch to your new YouTube channel and re-upload the video by clicking the Create button at the top right of the screen.

switch account-create-youtube

7. Select the upload videos option, click the select files button, choose the video you want, fill in other details and upload the video.


Now that you know how to move YouTube video to another channel, ensure you have a good reason to do that, as the time you spend transferring videos from one YouTube account to another can be utilized to create a new video. Transferring videos from one channel to another makes you lose all the subscribers and watch time generated to monetize your channel. But this blog will help you pull it off if you have decided to restart your YouTube journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I move a video from one YouTube account to another?

Yes. You can transfer videos from one YouTube account to another manually. This means you need to download and re-upload the videos to the new channel; this is the only way to migrate your videos.

Q2. Can I upload the same video on two different YouTube channels?

You cannot post the same video on two different YouTube channels. Therefore, when you move a YouTube video to another channel, delete it from the old channel before uploading.

Q3. Is it a good idea to re-upload all your videos to a new YouTube channel?

There’s nothing wrong with re-uploading until you own the rights to the content. But remember that once they are deleted, you will no longer have their likes and watch hours.

Q4. Can I download YouTube videos on my device?

YouTube now allows their users to download videos of their own on their devices. So, you don’t need to use third-party tools to save YouTube videos. But when you want to download videos of other creators, there would be a need for an online tool.