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What Are The Best YouTube Backdrop Ideas?

Best YouTube backdrop ideas here!

Whether you’re a beginner or you already have a vast subscriber base, you might be looking out for YouTube backdrop ideas. No matter what type of video you create, the backdrop plays a vital role in setting the video’s standard and tonality.

Here are some YouTube backdrop ideas that you must try.

Top 9 YouTube Backdrop Ideas You Must Try

youtube backdrop ideas

Wall Background

Find a plain wall or a brick wall in your room, as they are visually interesting and look very neutral to the eyes. You can also use a brick wallpaper that has different shades of bricks printed on it.

Hang Bedsheets

If you have bright-colored walls, then you can hang bedsheets for the backdrop. This is one of the cheapest and easily available options that you can try. But you must keep the neutral color palette in mind as you do not want to disturb but acquire the attention of your viewers.

Use Curtains

Another safe option is to use a curtain in your backdrop, which is also a part of your household utility, and you do not need to spend extra. You can use pastel and aesthetic curtains in the background. Also, ensure that the curtains are tightly secured in place before you start recording your video.

Niche Backdrops (Kitchen)

If you’re a vlogger and make food vlogs, then the kitchen is one of the best places for a backdrop. At the same time, if you’re a gamer, you can have a gaming setup and fancy lights as a backdrop.

Seasonal Background

If you are constantly looking for a change in the background, then you can make seasonal backdrops. For instance, you can add cotton to your background along with a decorative Christmas in December. This is one of the best backdrop ideas for YouTube videos that you must consider if you want to have a variety of backdrops.

Whiteboard Backdrop

If your videos involve a lot of educational and technical explanations, then you can use a whiteboard in the backdrop to explain the concepts.

While using the whiteboard, you must also consider that it is highly reflective.

Use the Achievement Wall As Backdrop

If you have any certifications or awards that you have received, you can add those to the shelf and use them as a backdrop. This unique YouTube studio background idea will not only show your talents and qualifications but will also build a sense of trust in your viewers.

Add An Effect

If you do not want to add a lot of effort, then you can simply use the camera effects to blur the objects in your backdrop. You can also edit this effect later if you have already shot the video.

Decorative Backdrop

Another YouTube studio background idea is to add a silver DIY foil or gift paper turned into a curtain as a backdrop. You can usually use this while celebrating or recording your birthday vlog!


These are some of the YouTube backdrop ideas that you must consider if you are looking for pocket-friendly options. But if you shoot a lot of vlogs and lifestyle videos, then you must check out filming room options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does background matter in a YouTube video?

Yes, the background plays a significant role in the YouTube video as it sets the tone and ensures that the viewers’ attention is hooked to your video.

Q2. Do YouTubers use backdrops?

Yes, most YouTubers use backdrops to keep their audience engaged while watching their videos.

Q3. What is the best backdrop color for the video?

You must use mute and dark colors like grey and blue if you want a subtle and good color backdrop for your video. However, since different colors have different vibes, choosing the color is a personal preference.

Q4. What colors don’t look good on camera?

You must avoid using bright colors like Red, Orange, or Yellow as these colors cause color reflection and can be unflattering to the other subjects in the background.