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YouTube To Label AI-Generated Videos

Creators should now state when their content contains AI!

YouTube is all set to label AI-generated videos in the coming months. The Google-owned platform has made it clear that now when creators use AI tools to create videos, their viewers can see that the video has AI. This is a way of making the platform more reliable and safe for users.

YouTube will start alerting its users about AI as plenty of frauds or “deepfakes” are happening that are misleading people over the internet. Here’s an in-detail explanation of what will unfold in the coming months on YouTube.

What Is YouTube’s AI Labelling Policy?

YouTube To Label AI-Generated Videos
Source: YouTube

According to YouTube, viewers will be alerted in the coming months if the video they’re watching contains AI. Over the past few months, there has been a significant boom in the world of Artificial Intelligence. On social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, users are using AI to make realistic-looking user IDs or videos and photos, which is misleading to many other users.

So, with the release of this new policy, YouTube will now label AI-generated videos so viewers can distinguish whether the things shown in the video are realistic or AI-generated. The platform has also asked creators to now reveal when they use any AI tool or back AI generation in video creation.

If the creators fail to do so, the video-sharing giant has announced that this will only sabotage their channels. YouTube will either suspend their accounts or altogether remove them from the platform. The suspension will affect the creator’s earnings from the Ad revenue.

Why Will YouTube Label AI-Generated Videos?

The primary reason why YouTube will label AI-generated videos is, as mentioned before, copying realistic-looking things or people in the video. Cases of deepfakes, the creation of morphed images, videos, or audio, have increased with AI. Through deepfakes, users can make scenes in videos that never occurred or replicate a real person doing actions they never did.

This has led to so many people getting misled on numerous occasions. The fact that users are using AI to commit crimes like this has caused YouTube to act to maintain the platform’s safety.

Future Of AI On YouTube

So, as a creator, you must think that YouTube is getting pretty stern about using AI. Well, that’s not the case. Creators can still use AI tools to make unique videos. The only thing they’re asking from the creator is viewer disclosures. The procedure to label AI-generated videos will only let the viewers understand that not all they see in the video is real.

When it comes to ads, political ads on YouTube will require video disclosures. Creators can use AI tools to generate ads that perform well on the platform. But if the viewers don’t know that the video is altered using AI, it will be hard for them to distinguish between real and unreal.


YouTube is all set to label AI-generated videos to allow viewers to differentiate between AI-powered content and non-AI-powered content. This new update will remove further privacy issues and misleading factors many users have faced over the past few months. The platform has been revamping itself over the last 3-4 months with updates like introducing community posts, adding a “You” tab and others.