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How To Turn Off Comments On YouTube?

Here's how to disable comments on your own YouTube video!

Some YouTubers prefer interacting with their viewers in the comment section, while others don’t. So if you’re one of the latter, you must be wondering how to turn off comments on YouTube.

YouTubers disable YouTube comments for plenty of reasons. Sometimes the people in the comment section are very harsh, and deleting comments just doesn’t work. You would rather not have any comments on a video than have rude comments fill your comments section.

In this article, we will see how to disable comments on YouTube:

How To Turn Comments Off On YouTube?turn-off-comments-yt

Here are the steps on how to turn comments off on YouTube:

  1. Open YouTube studio and click on Content.content-yt-studio
  2. Select Details and scroll down to find the ‘Comments and ratings’ section.disable-comments-yt-studio
  3. Now, select the ‘Disable comments’ option and click on Save.disable-comments-youtube-studio

People will no longer be able to comment on your video, and the comments you have received so far will also be hidden. If you turn the comments back on later, all those comments will be restored.

How To Block Comments On YouTube?

If you don’t want to completely disable your comments section, you can also block certain comments. If there are a few users that are always commenting inappropriate or spam comments, you can just block their comments instead of turning off all the comments on your YT video. Blocking comments on YT means blocking a user on YT. So once you block them, they will no longer be able to see any of your content.

Here are the steps on how to block comments on YouTube:

  1. Open your YouTube channel and go to Videos.
  2. Select the video and go to the comments section.
  3. Find the comment from the user you want to block and click on their profile picture.block-comments-youtube
  4. Go to About and click on the report flag.
  5. Select ‘Block user’ and click on Submit.block-user-youtube

Now the user will no longer be able to see your video and comment on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Disable Comments On YouTube?

  • Open YouTube studio
  • Go to content
  • Select Details
  • Disable Comments in Comments and ratings
  • Save

Q2. How To Disable Comments On YouTube Live?

Comments on YT live are called Live chat. So disable live chat by editing the live stream.

Q3. How To Disable YouTube Comments On iPhone And Android App?

You cannot turn off comments on the app. To access that feature, you will have to download the YT studio app and then edit the video settings like you would on the desktop.

Q4. Should You Disable Comments On YouTube?

Comments help you connect better with your audience. But if you are getting harassed in the comments, you might want to disable comments on YT.


Are you wondering how to turn off comments on YouTube? Well, here is your answer. If you are receiving only bad comments under your video, here is how to turn comments off on YT.

You need to go to YouTube studio and edit the video settings. There you will find the comments setting at the end; you just need to select the Disable comments option.

Other than disabling comments, you can also block the rude commentators. Just block the user, and they will no longer be able to comment or watch your YouTube video.