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What Is YouTube Music Stats? How To View?

How do I see music stats on YouTube? Does YouTube Music have music stats?

What is YouTube Music Stats? It is a compilation of the music you have listened to the most this past Year. Innovative insights and discovering new trends, performers, and possibilities to engage consumers increasingly drive music industry decisions. Everyone uses the app to listen to music while driving; some use it at work, and some use it while studying.

YouTube Music Statistics will allow you to curate your music listing experience with recommendations, suggestions, and playlists with artists and songs that resonate most with you. Keep reading to know more about YouTube Music Stats.

How To Make YouTube Music Stats Public On The App?

Like Spotify, YouTube Music stats have been updated quite a lot by Google. With the help of some changes in the Settings, you can explore different genres and expand your taste in music. This new feature will enable users to make their YouTube Music Statistics public.

What is the benefit of this new feature, you may ask. So let us tell you that similar to Spotify’s Listening Activity, you can share a glimpse of what you are listening to and recently played songs with anyone visiting the profile.

It is like a social feature where you can give others a taste of your music through the public stats route. To access stats for YouTube Music, you need to:

  1. Open YT Music on your smartphone
  2. Tap on your profile picture on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on Privacy and location
  5. Then, tap on channel settings
  6. Toggle on the feature of Enable public stats
  7. Then tap on advanced privacy settings
  8. And toggle on all the options: show songs on repeat, show artists on repeat, show music videos on repeat, and playlist on repeat.

How To See Stats For YouTube Music?

Follow these steps to see your YT music stats:

  1. Open the YT music app on your phone
  2. Navigate to your library
  3. This page has multiple options like recent activity, albums, playlists, artists, and subscriptions.
  4. You can access each section and activity page and learn your listening habits.

What Is YouTube Music Stats For Channels?

More than 1.3M subscribers on the channel enjoy YouTube Music.


What Are The Stats For YouTube Music?

With YT Music Stats, you can enjoy and celebrate the most famous artists and songs worldwide and listen to trending music. In addition, you can listen to the all-time most viewed music videos.


Stats for YouTube music also show the most subscribed Official Artist channel and the top 24-hour music debut.


Stats for YouTube Music also include many categories of popular songs and videos from various artists.


The YT Music app lets you access your top songs, artists, and albums anytime.


Enjoy the most trending and popular music on the YT Music app.

How To Find Activate And Use YouTube Music Stats For Nerds?

YouTube stats for nerds is a built-in feature of YT that is turned off by default. However, if you activate it, a tiny screen will appear in the top-left corner of the video containing valuable video information, buffering information, and more.

How To Turn On Stats For Nerds On Desktop?

In your browser, go to Youtube.com.
Search the video of your choice and play the video.

Stats-for-nerdsRight-click on the video
Select ‘Stats for Nerds’ from the drop-down menu.


After selecting stats for nerds, a tiny window will appear on the screen. These statistics seem strange to the average internet user and are probably unnecessary. However, these characteristics may be valuable to someone, particularly for debugging a connection.


You can listen to the most recent songs and see the most popular videos with YouTube music stats. Users may easily keep up with current music charts and get an overview of all the artists and songs they have listened to in the past Year.

Thanks to YT Music stats, users who use the app get a more detailed statistical view of the music and podcasts they’ve listened to all Year. You may find out how much time you’ve spent listening to music, what kinds of music you like, and how many songs you’ve listened to on your music analytics activity page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube Music Have Music Stats?

YT Music came out with Your 2020 Music Journey stats recap after introducing a tailored My Year In Review playlist for users similar to Spotify and Apple music counterparts.

Can I See My Most Listened-to Songs On YouTube Music?

You can find it under ‘Songs of the Year’ in the YT Music app and on the desktop under the ‘Music’ section.

Does YouTube Music Have A Year In Review?

Users can now see a new folder on the YouTube Music app,’ Year in Review,’ to listen to their most listened-to songs.

Does YouTube Music Have A Recap?

YT Music app created a simple playlist of top songs compiled in a ‘Your 2020 music journey’ review. It has a complete breakdown with the number of hours you listen to, followed by your top listening month.

How Often Are YouTube Music Statistics Updated?

The YouTube music statistics are updated daily by the platform. Your channel page on YouTube Music will be updated with your listening habits, the most listened-to songs, and artists.

Can I Share My YouTube Music Statistics With Others?

Yes, YT Music stats can be shared publicly. To share your stats, follow these steps: From YouTube Music> Go to Settings> Tap on Privacy & Location> Channel Settings> Toggle on Enable Public Stats.

Can I View YouTube Music Statistics On Different Devices?

The data for YouTube Music may be accessed from different devices. After signing in with their YouTube account, users can access their music statistics on any device, making monitoring performance across all devices easy.