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How To Chat On YouTube Live Stream? (Updated 2024)

How do I chat on Livestream? Can you comment on YouTube live stream?

You may be wondering how to chat on YouTube Live Stream? Live chat is enabled and appears to the right of your live stream’s video player. In addition, the chat feature is available while the live chat is active. But if you are still unversed by the concept of how to chat on YouTube Live stream, then let us start with the basics of live chat.

How To See Chat On YouTube Live Stream?

At any time, you can choose between two different Live chat options.

how-to-chat-on YT-live-stream

Top Chat: This view filters messages from suspected spam to make the conversation more readable and helpful.

Live Chat: This view is not filtered for live conversation. It displays all-new chat messages as they appear.

How To Show Chat On YouTube Live Stream?

Now that you have discovered how to see the chats on the Live stream. Let us talk about how to participate in a live chat. If you enjoy a streamer, there are two methods to show your support: “Joining” and “SuperChatting.” It’s worth noting that some streams will include one but not the other, while others will not have either. It is up to the streamer to decide what they wish to watch.

To post in live chat, go to the “Say Something” section and start typing. Then, click the send icon.


How To Join Live Chat On YouTube

If you want to join a live stream, you will see a join button next to subscribe. Joining means paying some money for additional perks and benefits by the YouTuber. When you pay, your name in chat changes, you receive a support icon next to your name, and you get unique emojis posted by the streamer. Every YouTuber provides different benefits when to their subscribers. It’s just a way for you to show your support while also receiving exclusive chat benefits.

Another way on how to see chat on YouTube Live Stream is by using Superchat.


How To Use SuperChat on Live Stream

  • When you first start SuperChat, you’ll be presented with a popup asking for a message and a payment amount. The slider at the bottom allows you to adjust the amount you pay. Your local currency determines the brackets, so play around with the slider to discover how much each tier is worth.
  • Using SuperChat allows you to boost your message, and it can be seen by the streamer.
  • The easiest way to how to show chat on YouTube Live stream is by paying for SuperChats.
  • Depending on how much money you spend on, your messages will show in various colors. Dark blue will appear on the cheapest SuperChat, while light blue will appear on the second cheapest. Green follows, followed by yellow, orange, magenta, and eventually a red for the big spenders. Messages in red start at roughly $100!


On YouTube How To View Live Chat Replay On Live Stream?

Creators have five options for moderating the live chat room, all of which are also accessible on-demand. Creators can rapidly navigate to the channel of the chatroom commenter. They can also report and/or delete a live or on-demand chat message. They may also hide a member from their channel permanently, which can be handy for various reasons depending on your community. Finally, you may add a moderator to the channel of your chat room.


It is a great feature provided by YT. Live chat replay is accessible on all stream archives after a live stream has concluded. This feature allows reruns the chat and stream in the same format as when it was live. On all of your live streams, live chat is a default setting.

If a content creator has missed any comment, with this feature, it becomes very accessible for them on YouTube how to view live chat replay on live stream.

How To Add Donation Buttons To Super Chat Live Stream On YouTube?

Moving on, after you have learned everything about how to chat on YouTube live stream, how to see chat on YouTube live stream, and how to show chat on YouTube live stream.

Let us learn how to add donation buttons to SuperChat live stream on YouTube. For this, the first thing you have to do is set up a YouTube giving fundraiser. If the fundraiser includes a start date, the give button will show on your watch page or live chat after that date. On mobile, you’ll see the give button in the conversation if you’re fundraising on a live broadcast and have a live chat switched on.

To activate or to be eligible to fundraise with YouTube Giving, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Channel is based in one of three countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.
  • There are at least 10,000 subscribers on the channel.
  • The YouTube Partner Program has accepted this channel as a member.
  • The channel is not marketed to children.


This was everything you needed to know about how to chat on YouTube live stream. It is easy to learn and remember if you are a streamer, remember to thank everyone who came and to thank those who participated by name so that they feel valued and are more inclined to attend your next YouTube live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Chat On Livestream?

To comment in live chat, you can go to “say something,” type your message and click on the send icon.

Can You Comment On YouTube Live Stream?

When the live stream starts, YouTube fans want to participate in the live conversation. Select the live stream you want to watch and then click it. Then, To post in the live chat box, click the “Live Chat” button and start entering what you want to say. Then press the send button.

Why my comments are not visible in YouTube live chat?

It is up to the channel’s owner to make the comments visible. It is also possible that the comments are flagged or marked as spam or are being held for review by the channel owner’s comment filtering settings.

Why is my YouTube live chat disabled?

Some features are disabled or restricted if your channel or live stream’s audience is set for kids.