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A “Pinch To Zoom” Feature For YouTube Premium Subscribers

Now you can zoom in every scene of the video!

Premium users always have access to all exclusive features. Now, YouTube plans to add one more feature to the list: pinch-to-zoom. As it is an experimental feature, it may take some time for everyone to see it. For now, let’s learn more about the feature to make proper use of it.

YouTube Premium Subscribers Can Now Zoom In To Screen


YouTube is launching a pinch-to-zoom feature that allows users to zoom in on videos on the screen, even in portrait mode. The purpose behind introducing the pinch-to-zoom feature remains unknown. However, if the feature clears out the experiment phase, it will allow you to zoom in on the screen and let you see every detail of the video.

Due to the examining phase, the feature is only available to a few premium users and will be available only for a limited time on September 1.

If you are a YouTube premium user, you can access the pinch to zoom-in feature on YouTube. Here are the simplest steps to find the feature:

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Go to profile
  • Tap on premium benefits
  • Search for Try new feature page
  • Activate pinch to zoom.

As it is in the testing phase, you have to keep a tap and make sure your application is updated to access the feature.

Is There A Zoom Feature On YouTube?

Not yet, but YouTube plans to roll out a pinch-to-zoom feature for premium users. Users will be able to use it while watching a video or a live stream. They have to keep two fingers on the screen and spread them until the content is visible.


Whether you want to see every detail of the video or study the background, the zoom feature is what you need. You must keep updating the app to access the pinch-to-zoom-in feature on your phone. Remember that you can only zoom in on YouTube if you are a premium user.