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YouTube Blocked RTX Upscaling Technologies on Free Movies

here's why YouTube blocked RTX upscaling technologies on free movies.

Sad news to all those movie buffs watching free movies on the world’s largest social media platform! YouTube blocked RTX upscaling technologies from being used while watching movies. You can definitely watch regular YouTube videos in the desired resolution. However, you will see that the screen gets blacked out if you try to watch high-resolution movies on YouTube using RTX technology. Let’s dive deeper into the latest YouTube update and understand what exactly is this RTX technology and why YouTube has blocked RTX upscaling on free movies.

What Is RTX Upscaling Technology?

RTX Video Resolution is a video upscaling technology that uses AI and RTX sensor cores to enhance the quality of videos watched on your PC’s Chrome browser. This technology increases video sharpness and clarity. It also allows users to watch content online on YouTube in its native resolution up to 4K on high-resolution displays.

The RTX tensor Cores use artificial intelligence to dynamically remap Standard Dynamic Range(SDR) video content to High Dynamic Range (HDR) video quality. It, thus, refines the visibility and vibrance of the video.

RTX Upscaling Technologies
Picture credits: Nvidia

Why YouTube Blocked RTX Upscaling Technology?

Here are a few reasons why YouTube has taken the initiative to block the remarkable RTX upscaling technology.

  • A prime reason behind YouTube’s dramatic step is to prevent DRM infringements and anti-piracy. YouTube blocked RTX-enabled upscaling technologies to dissuade people from downloading and redistributing high-resolution content.
  • DRM stands for digital rights management, a method to secure digital content from unauthorized use. It is a requirement for a video streaming platform like YouTube as more and more premium content is being viewed by the mass public.
  • Currently YouTube is blocking RTX upscaling technologies only on free videos but will soon implement on paid movies as well.
  • However, to use the RTX upscaling feature, you must have an NVidia RTX GPU, preferably RTX 20 series or later.


YouTube is taking stringent steps to enhance the user experience and bring justice to premium content. However, it has not yet blocked the RTX upscaling technology feature on other browsers, such as Firefox. So, if you love to watch movies in high resolution on YouTube, be careful. You might soon pay for high-resolution content or watch the movie in standard quality.