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What Is YouTube Super Thanks?

Enable YouTube Super Thanks

YouTube Super Thanks allows content creators to judge how much they are loved by their subscribers. Its unique feature lets content creators earn revenue through their viewers. Now that you know what YouTube Super Thanks is, let’s learn more about it and how to enable it.

What Is Buy Super Thanks In YouTube?

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YouTube introduced this Feature as a monetization tool. Earlier, known as ‘Viewers Applause,’ viewers could express gratitude to their favorite YouTuber. It is a way to support their content, and the creators also understand that their YouTube followers like all the content being uploaded.

So, what is buy Super Thanks in YouTube? It is the contribution made by viewers to the creators in the form of a tip or a donation for uploading great content. The viewer must click the ‘Thanks’ button while watching a video. In return, YouTube allows the viewer to comment on a colorful message to stand out from the rest of the commentators and to be seen at the top.

The viewers’ payment is entirely up to them, but 70% of the Super Thanks goes to the content creators. Now, when a viewer enjoys the video and wants to express gratitude, they have the following options: $2, $5, $10, or $50. So, when the viewer buys the Super Thanks, they can also see the option of an animated GIF, which is only visible to them.

What Are The Benefits Of YouTube Super Thanks?

For content creators, there are several benefits of Super Thanks.

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  • It is a massive extra source of income for the creators.
  • Creators can build more confidence in their content, as the Thanks are acknowledged by their fans, who recognize their effort in creating videos.
  • The scope of Super Thanks is much broader than that of Super Chat and Super Sticker, as the latter two are used only during Live Streams.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements Of Enabling Super Thanks In YouTube?

As you understand the benefits of Super Thanks YouTube, let us learn how creators can enable the feature. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process better.

  1. Eligibility For Channels

  • The first step is to check eligibility. To be eligible for this feature, you must meet minimum criteria for the channel. First, you must live in one of the available locations. You must also comply with YouTube’s Terms and Services.
  • Your channel should not be set as a Made for Kids YouTube channel.
  • Additionally, some music channels may not have access to Super Thanks YouTube.

2. Eligibility For Long Format Videos & YouTube Shorts

  • As we said, Super Thanks is unavailable for kids’ channels.
  • Additionally, if your video meets these criteria: age-restricted, unlisted, and private videos, videos with Content ID claims, long videos, or shorts with a comment section switched off, Super Thanks will not be available.

How To Enable YouTube Super Thanks?

Here are the steps for YouTubers to enable Super Thanks on YouTube.

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Tap on your profile picture and select YouTube Studio

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  • Click on the Monetization tab and select Supers
  • If you are eligible for Super Thanks, the button will automatically appear on all existing and future videos.

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This was all about YouTube Super Thanks. This blog has covered how to buy Super Thanks on YouTube, its availability, and eligibility criteria. It is a valuable tool for YouTubers as they can receive monetary support directly from their Super fans.

Using the buy feature of Super Thanks, viewers can appreciate their favorite creators’ work, and it also opens up revenue-earning opportunities for the creators. It is also equally simple to manage and moderate comments of Super Thanks in YT Studio.

Now is the time to enable YouTube Super Thanks on your channel and get rewarded. You must promote video on YouTube to increase views and receive more Super Thanks.

If you are a beginner, you may have a hard time increasing engagement on your videos. If that is so, you can buy YouTube views from a credible promotional service and grow your channel faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Happens If You Press Buy Super Thanks On YouTube?

Pressing the “buy Super Thanks” button lets you express gratitude to the creator by purchasing entertaining, one-time animations. Additionally, you will be able to make comments the comment in vibrant colors, with the Super Thanks displayed at the top.

Q2. Can You Refund A Super Thanks?

No, Super Thanks and Super Chats are non-refundable as they are voluntary.

Q3. Can You Cancel A Super Thanks On YouTube?

Yes, you can disable Super Thanks at any time under the monetization tab in YouTube Studio.