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How To Get YouTube Pink in 2024? Ultimate Guide (Updated)

How to get YouTube pink mode in 2024? How to enable Pink mode in YouTube?

Have you heard about YouTube Pink? While you work with YouTube, we are you must have encountered many kinds of limitations. While we all love to stream our favorite comedy skits. Or we might even find something interesting that has caught our eyes! So without any further delay, let’s start to know all about YouTube Pink!

How To Get Access To YouTube Pink?


There is a YouTube pink APK download for Android that you can easily access. The specialty of this particular app is that you can let the video play in the background.  If you are sensitive to bright screens, this app comes loaded with that too. With a screen brightness control, you can adjust the light and also take care of your migraine!


There is no restriction over the countries too! This means that you can actually surf video from wherever you are without using a VPN!

What Are The Features Of The Pink YouTube Apk?

Before starting off on how to download this amazing app, let’s talk about the same features! It will recommend you your favorite videos!YouTube-Pink

One thing for sure with YouTube pink apk download is that it will only show you videos you like. Whatever your genre be, you can watch videos related to that genre without any issues! Isn’t this a great feature to add !? Let us know your take on this in the comments below!

Dark Mode

Well, we always supported vampires and their love for Darkness. But it seems that the YouTube pink apk 2021 is also in favor of them! So if you are a vampire hiding somewhere and are searching to watch something in a dark mode, this app has you covered! The switching process is also pretty easy, just like other social media apps! You just need to enable dark mode from the settings options. And boom, you are done for the day!

Your Videos Will Be On Loop With YouTube Pink App Download For Android!


Hmm, let’s say you sound like a particular song that you fell in love with! You can, for real, play that specific video on repeat! Another plus point even if you exit the app, your video will still be playing. We would love this feature, personally!

No Restriction For You


There are some videos on YouTube app that actually imposes some age restriction. But when you are in synch with pink YouTube apk, you don’t have to worry about that! But be careful while viewing age-restricted videos.

YouTube Pink Download For Android Gives You No Ads!

Yes! You heard it right! When you download this lovely pink application, you won’t encounter any kinds of ads! This can also be the reason for your happiness as you can stream videos uninterrupted too! Easy to handle, right?

Background Mode Is Activated For Your Convenience!


It’s an obvious thing that you won’t stay at just one app for long. With the original YouTube, you can’t get out of the application without the music is off. But that’s not the case with YouTube pink APK! You can quickly jump between two apps or even swipe them left and right like your Tinder matches!  No matter what, your video will still be played in the background altogether!

The Theme


Who said pink is out of date? Because boy, the most loved YouTube apk is based on a beautiful pink theme! From the search bar, notification area to the recommendations, you will find everything in pink color. If you are wondering why this app is called pink, it’s because of the UI color!

But in case you are not a big fan of pink color, you can actually switch them to your favorite. You should suit yourself with the best!

How To Download Youtube Pink?

The steps to download pink YouTube apk are pretty simple! Take a look at the steps listed below!

  1. Head over to google
  2. Type in the search bar YouTube pink apk 2021


3. Click on the first link


4.Tap on the download option


That’s it! The steps were so simple, right?


We hope that you found this article on how to download YouTube pink helpful. Be sure to check out our blog on YouTube vanced to add free music!

Frequently Asked Question

How To Download YouTube Pink Apk?

You can follow the above-mentioned steps to download the following!

Can You Download YouTube Pink For PC?

Yes! it is available for both PC and mobile phones!

Is YouTube Pink Apk Download Old Version Still Working?

Well, the old version is still intact. but if you want to have a look at new features we would recommend you to download YT pink apk!