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Why Did Roman Atwood Leave YouTube? Is he really Gone

Where is Roman Atwood? What Happened To Roman Atwood?

Are you wondering what happened to Roman Atwood? If you are one of his followers on YouTube, you must have seen him getting irregular with his videos! If you are curious about what is going on with him, stay with us till the end! So without any further delay, let’s start with what happened to Roman Atwood!

What Happened With Roman Atwood? Where Is He Now?


Roman Atwood is an American YouTube personality. Scouting with a subscriber rate of almost 15 million with 5 billion views, he is counted among the most famous YouTubers! Also known for creating funny YouTube videos and is also known for being a prankster. He also does blogs that go by the name of Roman Atwood vlogs.

Why Is Roman Atwood No Longer Uploading Videos?

Roman posted videos on YouTube for nearly a decade. But there was a sudden change in the uploading pattern of roman atwood 2021. Atwood uploaded a video on aug 18,2020.  In the video, he mentioned that the roman atwood family has been seeing chances of stalking. The vlogger stated that the stalkers would randomly call him. They would also pass him harassing messages that left the whole roman atwood house in a state of panic. The famous YouTuber also took notes of a stalker planting a bomb during his family member’s funeral.

What Is The Drama Between Roman And Gilroy?

Gilroy and roman were known to be pretty good friends. Because of some controversies, they both stopped being friends with each other. Gilroy still looks after the modeling company of the smile, where he works as a model himself!


We hope that we have cleared out all questions on what happened to Roman Atwood. be sure to check out other blogs on ninja if you are a big fan of gaming!

Frequently Asked Question

Who Is Gilroy Roman Atwood?

Roman Atwood is an American YouTube personality

How Many Kids Does Chase Gilroy Have?

He is married to Veronica Gilroy. They have three cute kids together.