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What Are YouTube Double Ads? Everything you need to know (Updated 2023)

Why are there two ads on YouTube now? What is a double ad?

Are you struggling with YouTube double ads too? As if one ad wasn’t enough that YouTube has come up with more. Have you ever wondered why there are two ads on YouTube? Is it monetized or YouTube is forcing people to watch two ads before every video to have them buy the premium subscription? In case you have, we are here to provide you the solution for YouTube double ads! Read on to find more!

Are YouTube Double Ads Essential?


As a viewer, you might say, “what is the necessity of these pesty little ads?!” Well, as you know, YouTube is a social media giant. Being the second largest search engine after Google, it has to earn revenue to provide payment to its creators.

Double ads on YouTube are slowly growing out of our hands! Did you know that YouTube now has taken a legal right to infuse videos ads that do not prefer monetization of their videos? Tell us in the comments what do you think about this rule implementation by YouTube!

What Is The Use Of Double Unskippable Ads For Marketers?


As you know, marketing is all about advertising. The more you market your product to the public eye, the better is the chance of purchase. The ads on YouTube may have just proven to be a boon for advertisers! They can now put up their product for sales on the video of YouTubers.

What Are The Problems With This Marketing Strategy?


Let’s take a situation for you. Suppose you were scrolling through amazon looking out for trekking shoes. You got bored, closed the app, and went on YouTube to watch videos. Have you paid attention to the little pop-ups that make their way on the screen panel? And to your surprise, these ads are about trekking shoes!

How did the machine know what was going on in your mind? Well, this is because the consumer data”so-called consumer analysis” keeps track of what you are searching for. These double ads on YouTube can also prove to be pretty intrusive and sometimes be a bit offensive! The end result, you may feel that the ads are invading your privacy.

Why Are There 15 Seconds Unskippable Ads On YouTube?

source:- https://www.marketing91.com/7-types-of-youtube-ads/

YouTube provides you with a skip option with some of their longer ads. When a potential customer goes on skipping ads, the sales will take a dip. YouTube knows this pretty well and thus has introduced 15 seconds unskippable ads, forcing a user to watch the whole advertisement. If the ad is appealing, they might even buy something.


We hope that we have solved all your queries regarding YouTube double ads. If you want to experience ad-free YouTube time, you can try YouTube vanced to enjoy an uninterrupted experience on YouTube! Go for it now and have a delightful user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are YouTube Ads Unskippable Now?

YouTube introduced this strategy with a proper aim. They made it a goal to get in more users, which will increase ad revenue. In other words, it would encourage users to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Can You Put Unskippable Ads On YouTube?

Yes! Your video can be of around 6-10 seconds on YouTube!