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YouTube Unblocked: How to gain access in 2023?

How do I watch blocked YouTube videos 2023? How do I get all YouTube videos unblocked?

Are you staying in a country where the YouTube unblocked version is not available? This can be because of many ongoing reasons, or maybe you are still a student in the school. There is no need to get bothered by this simple issue, as we have some of the best ways to make the YouTube unblocked version available within your grasp. 


youtube unblocked

YouTube is one of the best search engines to access all the information and get their solutions instantly. The problem is encountered when this site is blocked in your area or by your administration department. Here is how you can overcome this bizarre and put your hands at the unblocked YouTube platform without any hassles.

  • Use of VPN to make YouTube work for you.


If you haven’t heard VPN, here is a quick overview. A VPN is a virtual private network, an encrypted connection to the internet from the device to the network. It ensures that the data is safely transmitted, provides security from eavesdropping people in the traffic, and allows you to work remotely. 

  1. Download your favorite VPN from the internet. We would suggest CyberGhost, Nord VPN, or Express VPN. 
  2. Once the VPN is installed on your computer or mobile devices, you can connect your server to the region you are trying to unblock. Mostly the US is the most preferred connection for accessing the blocked sites in the county. 
  3. Remember to sign in with your credentials. 
  4. Open the YouTube app and enjoy unlimited access to the newly unblocked YouTube. Simple!


  • Browser add-ons.

The browser add-ons can be used while you are trying to access YouTube on the unblocked YouTube sites. What is a browser add-on? Well, there is no rocket science in this. A browser add-on is simply a software component that helps to add features to an existing computer program. They are more like plug-ins. You can use add ons such as the YouTube unblock to gain access to YouTube. 

1 Open the chrome



2 Select the extension of your choice that you are comfortable using.

unblocked youtube sites


3 Select the option that states add to chrome and pin it.


4 Some extensions may ask your permission. You can click on the accept option and start streaming on the YouTube unblocked website. It’s not that complicated.

One thing to remember, the browser add ons are not as safe as the VPN. It doesn’t encrypt your traffic like a VPN does, which is a little bit risky. 

  • Becoming friends with the proxy

Hackers or unauthorized people use a proxy to spy on someone’s traffic and gather personal information about them. But, there is a good side to evil, and the proxy network can be used here easily to access the unblocked version of YouTube. You can hide your IP address to stream YouTube endlessly and by endlessly, we don’t mean without any end; please take proper breaks. 

  1. Open your chrome
  2. Open the customize and control google chrome menu.
  3. Click on the settings followed by the system and open the proxy settings. 
  4. Use Internet Properties to set up a connection for your type of network:
  5. Dial-up or virtual private network: Add a network, and then click Settings. For the local area network, click LAN settings.
  6. Please enter the address of the proxy server and its port number.
  7. Save the changes by clicking OK. 

Tip:- Avoid using proxy and browser add-ons as they cant hide your IP, and your identity can be easily stolen. VPN is the safest bet over here.


unblocked youtube sites

The onion router, also famous for “TOR, “ is one of the easiest ways to access the app. We can understand you might wonder how did the above browser get its name. Well, just like the onion has layers. This also works on the layering technique. In an onion network, messages are encapsulated in layers of encryption. Tor was initially to be used by the US Navy and later on the public. Brownie points for us

  1. Download the TOR browser on your device. 
  2. Grant permission to access the data. Do not worry. Your information will be safe. 
  3. Once installation is complete, surf through on the site. 


The process is simple. Follow us 

  1. Navigate to the Tor Browser download page.
  2. Download the mac. dmg file.
  3. Verify the file signature process.
  4. When the download is complete, double click the. dmg file. Complete the installation process. 

How to download the unblocked YouTube version for the Chromebook?

  1. Install the play store app 
  2. Browse the YouTube app. Once found, select and download. 
  3. The app will be downloaded on your chrome in an instant. 
  4. In case your country is not allowing access, you can always use the VPN service. 


YOUTUBEyoutube unblocked website

You can access YouTube on Windows 10 by resetting your host file. The host’s file contains the mappings of IP addresses to hostnames and is located at C: WindowsSystem32driversetc. In case your host file is hidden, you can find them in the file explorer options. Under the view option, click show hidden files and folders. 

  1. Please right-click on the host and open it with the notepad. If you see the website which you want to access with the numerals, your host’s file may have been modified, so you can’t access the site.


  1. Select the entire line containing the URL and delete it. Save the changes. 
  2. Restart google chrome to see if it works. 



After listening to YouTube, you have heard a particular song and now want to convert it to an MP3 file. We have a solution for that too. We are sure you must have got an idea on how to access the YouTube blocked website by the hacks we noted down. When you have applied all this, your work is half done. Now you need to convert the video file to an audio file. The steps are as follows

  1. Open YouTube on your browser. 
  2. Copy the link of the video you like
  3. Search the online file converted 
  4. Copy-paste the link in the box
  5. Select the appropriate file format
  6. Tap on the download option. There you go, you have the song with you!

The above stated are all tried and tested, so the success rate is high. We hope we helped your query on how to access the YouTube unblocked version. Make sure to use these ethically. Have a great day ahead!