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YouTube Tests AI Chatbot That Will Answer The User’s Questions

Get Your answers related to the video using the YouChat feature.

YouTube has been developing new features to enhance user experience. One such new feature that they now plan to test is the YouTube AI Chatbot feature. This feature will help the user to dive deeper and understand the content that they are watching. Here’s how viewers can use the YouTube AI Chatbot to understand and know more about the content they are watching.

YouTube To Test ‘YouChat’ AI Chatbot

Youtube AI chat

The new AI chatbot is a conversational tool that will provide answers to the viewers’ questions about the video that they are watching. It will recommend related content and more without any interruptions.

The YouChat feature will be available soon to a selected number of people on a subset of videos. After testing this on a few devices, this feature will be rolled out to YouTube Premium members on Android devices in the United States.

For now, the users who have access to the YouChat feature can access it by tapping the “Ask” button under the video. Then users can ask questions or even choose from the suggested prompts. Also, the conversational tool YouChat does not use Google’s BArd chatbot.

Additionally, YouTube is also testing another  AI feature that summarizes topics in the large comment section. This will allow the viewers to view and catch up on the conversations about the video. Premium users will be able to try out the feature at youtube.com/new.


The YouTube AI Chatbot feature is going to be a boon for content creators, as this will help them understand their viewers point of view and their expectations. This will help them have a clear idea of whether the viewers understand the concept of the video or how they improvize on making content. With the evolution of AI, YouTube is experimenting with various features like adding a mysterious button on the homepage.