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What Is YouTube Most Replayed Feature?

Let us reveal the most used feature on YouTube

The ‘YouTube most replayed’ feature lets the audience and the content creators know the most replayed segments of the video. So, how to see the most replayed on YouTube? What is the feature, and how is it beneficial for YouTubers. Let us find out.

What Is The YouTube Most-Replayed Feature All About?

The YouTube most replayed tool has been rolled out for Premium subscribers, but now the feature is available to all users across mobile and desktop devices.

The feature allows users to skip to the highlight of the video. A user can view the YouTube most replayed feature on the video through the red progress bar at the bottom of the video.

most replayed segmentThis is one of the most potent features, enabling content creators to grow their YouTube channel by utilizing data to analyze their content, determine what resonates with viewers, and create more of the same type of videos.

YouTubers use other features like Chapters and Timestamps to display and navigate the viewers to skim through a video faster. But, simultaneously, the ‘Most Replayed’ feature is also handy for the viewers as it highlights the exciting part.

How To See The Most Replayed On YouTube?

Users must hover the cursor over the red progress bar to find the most replayed part of a video. The area that shows a higher graph on the progress bar is the most replayed part of the video. The segment replayed the most number of times is indicated by a video thumbnail determining the most exciting or popular part of the video.

You must also bear in mind that this feature is not available on the YouTube Studio. This feature will not be displayed in the analytics, unlike metrics such as average view duration and impressions. So, if you want to see the most replayed part of your video, then you must watch your videos on YouTube.


YouTube’s most replayed feature is an excellent tool to gauge your audience’s interest. Video creators may learn much about their videos’ popularity and performance on YouTube by observing their peaks and dips on the progress bar. Additionally, the feature is available only on long-form videos where the YouTubers can make the most of this opportunity and use this information to create engaging content to reach a broader target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Did YouTube Remove The Most Replayed Feature?

No, YouTube’s most replayed feature is available on platforms accessible to all creators. Although it was an experimental feature only for YT Premium users earlier, it is now available to all users.

Q2. What Is The Most Viewed Content Type On YouTube?

The most viewed content type on YouTube is music videos, and the song Baby Shark is the most-viewed dance video, with 13 billion views in 2023.

Q3. How Do I Find My Most Replayed Video On YouTube?

To find the most replayed part of your videos, play the videos on YouTube and hover the cursor over the progress bar to see the most replayed section on the timestamps.