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YouTube Music Gets Activity Notification Tab On Mobiles

Get the track of all upcoming drops!

YouTube Music has your back if you get nervous about missing out on your favorite creator’s song. It happens, we know. A few months back, YouTube planned to release an activity notification feed on the platform to keep users updated with all upcoming tracks, which is now rolled out. Using this feature, you can use this update to see your artists’ recent drops and activities. Here’s everything!

YouTube Music Notification Tab To See All The Recent Drops And Other Activity

youtube-activity notification-tab

You would have seen an activity tab on Spotify where you can see your activity. This notification tab is just like those, showing your artist’s activities and recent music. It shows you neatly organized drops in different sections, such as “earlier” and “this week.” But make sure you follow the artist you want to know all the updates of. YouTube Music will suggest some artists below if you can see the feature on your device. Subscribe to them to see their upcoming songs and activities under the YouTube Music activity notification feed.

You can also filter out your subscriber list anytime under the library section. The platform will have a list of artists’ suggestions. Podcast episodes are, for now, out of the track, which seems like a missed opportunity. The feature is now available to every user, so you can see it on the home page. If you cannot see it, see if you are using the latest version of YouTube Music.


YouTube Music activity notification feed is a new feature rolled out for creators to see what their artists have lately released. You can access it at the top of the home page. Ensure you have subscribed to all your favorite artists so as not to miss any updates. Besides this, YouTube has developed a share sheet feature allowing you to share your favorite track with friends.