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Know This Before You Know “When To Post On YouTube”

Secrets to get highest engagement is spilled!

Wondering why your videos aren’t getting the expected reach? You are certainly posting your content at the wrong time.

Many creators are particular about posting their videos at a specific time, which helps them reach their target audience. On the grounds of this, the platform issues guidance on “When to post on YouTube” to creators to save their time on experiments. Here’s all you must know!

YouTube Issues Guidance For Creators To Post Content At A Right Time


Creators had to go through trial and error to understand when to post their content to get the highest engagement. YouTube now guides creators on when to post to maximize results through a video posted on X.

In a talk with YouTube product lead Todd Beaupre, he said that creators need to focus on the audience’s satisfaction to know what to post on the platform. He also asked them to replace the word “algorithm” with “audience.”

This will help YouTubers post trendy content as soon as possible and at the right time so as not to lose their viewers.

If you post off-hours, like early morning or late at night, the maximum chances are that the initial boosts of videos will be slower. And at peak times, due to other videos, yours will be lost.

YouTube Motives To Initiate The Guidance

1. Understanding YouTube’s algorithm, which prioritizes what the audience wants, is the key to ruling over the platform for creators. So, to make your video discoverable to your audience, YouTube ensures videos meet the algorithm, which can be done through the “when to post” guidance.

2. Creators think, “Why is the YouTube algorithm not boosting my videos?” The answer is usually the audience. What’s the point of creating videos that aren’t reaching your viewers? You’re posting when your audience is probably away from their phones or systems. Hence, slow growth! Focusing on the audience and understanding what they want and when they want helps you reach the peak you have always sought.

What Is The Best Day And Time To Post On YouTube?

It is believed that posting on YouTube between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on weekends and 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. are the best times.


Audience and algorithm are the keys to growing your channel. The only concern creators have is how to reach the target audience naturally through videos. Before you jump to the algorithm, you first need to focus on the audience that plays a leading role. It has the potential to help you meet the YouTube algorithm’s parameters to rank your videos higher.