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New Update To YouTube’s Cyberbullying Policy To Remove Simulate Content

YouTube clamps down on realistically simulate content!

YouTube is a platform with millions of creators striving to make their content work. Simulating celebrities is one of the ways they keep their content creation ongoing. Encountering such events in the past, YouTube has lately updated its cyber and harassment policy to cut down on the increasing number of such crimes on the platform.

This update is performed to terminate the disturbing deepfake content seen on the platform. Here’s what YouTube has added to its policies to keep creators away from social danger and threat!

YouTube Cracks Down The AI-generated Crime By Updating The Cyber Policy


Seeing the disturbing deepfake content recurring on social media platforms, YouTube has updated its harassment and cyberbullying crime instantly. By upgrading its policies, YouTube is aiming to control cyber crimes from happening on the platform. Such videos include the faces of celebrities and childlike voices to present the content, hoping to go viral on the platform.

YouTube policy updates will result in strikes, removing the simulated content from the platform and limiting users from uploading anything temporarily. The first strike forbids the users from posting any video for a week. If the user continues violating the policy within 90 days, YouTube increases the penalties and, in some cases, removes the channel permanently.

Why Has YouTube Updated Its Cyber Policy?

Platforms, including YouTube, have recently discovered channels with AI-generated synthetic content that confuses the viewer to identify realism. This somewhere deteriorates the image of the celebrities and creator and puts their life at stake. Hence, YouTube takes this big step to upgrade the existing cyberbullying and harassment policies to provide them with a safe haven.


Eliminating the simulated content across the platform is significant to keep the creators’ lives free from danger or threat. YouTube cyber policy updates result in a strike sent to the users creating such content and uploading. The first strike will warn the users and refrain them from performing their usual activities for a week. YouTube is more likely to remove the channel forever if the policies are violated again within 3 months.