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YouTube AI-powered “Jump Ahead” Feature Is Rolled Out To Premium Users

Available for premium users!

Until a few months back, YouTube was experimenting with the “jump ahead” feature more widely. The feature was in the testing phase till March, which is now completely rolled out to all premium users. Let’s unfold how to use the feature on YouTube.

Now You Can Skip To The Special Part Of The Video Using YouTube “Jump Ahead”

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As you all know, Jump Ahead lets users skip to the part they want to watch. Earlier, the feature was in the testing phase for everyone. Now, it is available to all YouTube premium members. However, some creators might see the “Jump ahead” feature on YouTube as it is still in the experimenting phase for others till June 1. YouTube might make it an official feature included in its Premium subscription, or it might continue testing it out. Additionally, this feature is available only in the US and eligible for English language videos.

How To Use “Jump Ahead” On YouTube?

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Usually, we double-tap on the video to skip forward. When you do that, you will see the jump ahead button on the screen. This button will direct you to what most viewers typically skip ahead or what you would like to watch.

Remember that not all videos support or are eligible for the YouTube “Jump ahead” feature. So you may not see the button on every video you watch. Moreover, this feature is specifically designed for the YouTube Android app and is currently accessible for English-language videos.


Who doesn’t want to skip to the good part? As a premium user, you are now also eligible to do that using the YouTube “Jump ahead” feature. You can quickly use the jump-head button and reach the part you want to watch. If you love this feature already, ensure you always have YouTube Premium to use it, as the platform has a plan to add the feature under premium benefits.