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YouTube Music Might Be Launching Its Very Own Gemini Extension

Gemini extension on YouTube Music too!

Google has been championing the Gemini extension for years, seamlessly integrating it into its suite of apps and services. From Google Maps to workshops, hotels, flights, and YouTube, Gemini has revolutionized user experiences. Now, brace yourself for the next big leap as Google plans to fuse the Gemini extension with YouTube Music, promising even more exciting search results for users!

YouTube Music Soon Gets Its Own Gemini Extension

youtube-google gemini extension
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The Google Gemini extension accesses information from the application and uses it to improve search results. It also lets you summarize answers from your own content. Now that Google plans to add the Gemini to YouTube Music, it will fetch accounts, playlists, playback history, and preferences.

After you enable the Gemini extension, when you tap on the search result, it will take you to the YT music application. If you do not have the app, Gemini will play the music on the web version of YouTube Music.

Google’s Gemini extension is an AI chatbot that was created against ChatGPT. It makes the search process easier. If you are using a Gemini on Google, you have to put a prompt just how you put it on ChatGPT.

Gemini extension will take time to get on YouTube Music. However, for now, you can use the Google extension to understand its usability. The extension also gives you the options on the screen while putting a prompt to smooth out the process.


YouTube Music extension in Gemini is expected to launch soon. Since you know what changes it will bring, are you excited to use it? Because we are! It isn’t like the music provider feature; it is so different. You can also turn the extension off if you don’t like the changes the application gets. Until the extension is rolled out, you can use the Chrome Gemini extension to see how it works. Cheers!