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YouTube Music Gradient Look For iPhone Users Now

The newer, neater, and darker look for the now playing.

Remember when YouTube tested the gradient look for Android phones for YouTube Music? That trial phase turned out to be a triumph, and the feature was rolled out entirely. Not letting iPhone users feel left out, YouTube made the feature available to them. It looks exactly like how it appeared the first time. Here’s everything you need to know about the gradient feature on iPhones.

The New YouTube Music Gradient Feature Is Available For All iPhone Users

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There’s always been a huge gap between iPhones and Androids, and it is difficult to banish it because of its status. Nonetheless, YouTube does its utmost to bring them to parity.

Even though YouTube has launched many features over the years, there is still a gap between the features available on both devices. However, YouTube managed to pull off in case of giving the gradient background to the iPhone version of YouTube Music. Other features of YT Music remain the same, including the beautiful gradient background. If you do not see the feature on your iPhone devices, see if you are using the latest version of YouTube Music.


Now, as an iPhone user, you also have the gradient background to the now-playing screen on YouTube Music. The feature is noticed to pull off even iPads, but you may not be able to see it as it has recently launched. Besides this, YouTube has changed the cast menu on the now-playing screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does YouTube Music Gradient Look Already Available For Android Users?

Yes. YouTube gradient background was initially launched for Android users and is now available for the iPhones as well.

Q2. Why Can’t I See New Gradient Look On iPhone?

If you cannot see the new YouTube Music gradient redesign on your iPhone, you are not using the updated version of the platform.

Q3. How Does The Now Playing Gradient Refresh Looks Like?

The new gradient redesign gives the darker black set to the Now Playing backdrop, making the feature more noticeable.

Q4. What Devices Have The Gradient Background?

Earlier, the gradient background was available only on YT Music for Androids, but now it’s available even for iPhone users.