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YouTube AI Update: AI and Non Skippable Ads Come Together

Here's everything you must know about the latest Google and YouTube AI update.

Gear up to see more non-skippable ads on the world’s largest video-sharing platform. According to the latest YouTube AI update at YouTube’s Brandcast show at Lincoln Center, New York, the platform is emphasizing more on placing non-skippable ads into connected YouTube TVs. Let’s explore the latest buzz around YouTube AI update and what’s in it for advertisers and brands.

YouTube Latest AI Update Brings Creators, AI, and Skippable Ads Together

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Brandcast is YouTube’s signature event that states the yearly innovation and updates to brands worldwide. This year at Brandcast, YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohan emphasized on the increasing significance of Google-owned video sharing platform and stated that it is as prestigious as other video surfing platforms like Netflix and TV.  It is a shoutout to brands to treat their ad spaces as prime real estate to grow their businesses.

In recent years, YouTube has helped evolve famous creators like Ryan Trahan, Haley Kalil, Zach King, and Kinigra Deon. Neal Mohan also stated that the platform is exploring ways to take YouTube stars as seriously as other famous Hollywood celebrities.

Here’s how advertisers and brands can leverage the latest YouTube AI Update:

AI Ad Placements

YouTube’s TV app viewership has grown by 130% in the past three years. Given this growth, YT wants to introduce more unskippable ads on its TV sets in the latest YouTube update. Google and YouTube algorithms are being upgraded to search for appropriate places to insert non skippable Ads as opposed to Trueview ads that viewers can scroll and skip in 5 seconds.

According to Sean Downey, Google’s president, Google’s AI is being optimized to help advertisers expand the reach of their video campaigns, increase brand awareness, and efficiently use their non-skippable assets.

The All New Ads Takeover Creator Channels

‘Creator takeovers’ is a special product of the recent YouTube update. It is a part of the prestigious YouTube Select Program designed to help brands avoid unsuitable content and give them the liberty to choose the creators they want to support. ‘Creator Takeover’ enables a brand to become the sole advertiser on a specific YouTube channel, thus capturing 100% of the voice and optimizing ad placements.

YouTube is expanding its pool of incredibly talented creators so that brands have more choices when deciding the kind of creators they want to work with. For instance, DoorDash was one specific brand that participated in creator takeovers in the early stages. It got an opportunity to collaborate with football brothers Travis and Jason Kelce through their podcast ‘New Heights’. Additionally, the video-sharing platform has tweaked and changed the YouTube Select Program so that it taps into the top 1% of high-quality content.

Brands Become Prime Focus In YouTube AI Update

YouTube is increasingly working to develop strategies to give brands a prime significance on the platform. For instance, the popular brand Pepsi has been using YouTube for years to grow its awareness and increase sales by working with popular stars like NBA player Kyrie Irving and creating videos such as ‘Uncle Drew.’

According to Todd Kaplan, chief Marketing officer, Pepsi, it saw a $4.30 return on every dollar of ad spend.

You must have also heard about Coach, another popular brand to leveraged YouTube to increase its Tabby bag sales. The brand paired with famous actress Camila Mendes and influencer Imma to increase its brand’s reach. The brand saw a 2% increase in purchase intent for its popular handbag.


So what’s in it for you if you are a creator? Work hard and increase the quality of your content so that it qualifies for the exclusive YouTube Select Program. Viewer preferences are now shifting to going deep into everything you love on a single platform called YouTube. You will get a chance to collaborate with advertisers globally and open new avenues for monetization. For brands, it is an opportunity to choose from a plethora of top, talented creators to grow their brand presence.