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YouTube Now Displays Views And Likes In Real Time

Now see the likes and views updated live on the video.

YouTube is now making it easy for its viewers to gauge the popularity of the videos. The video-sharing platform has now rolled out a feature that will track the real-time likes and views count on YouTube that a video receives. Here’s how this new feature is going to enhance the viewer’s experience.

YouTube Tests Updating Views And Likes In Real-Time

Google announced this feature long ago in the month of October. But the real-time counting of likes and views has been rolling out lately. The thumbs up or the like button and the view counter will be getting a makeover. The counts and the views will be updated live as the user watches the video. The numbers will no longer be frozen; instead, they will keep on changing as and when the video receives views and likes. With this new feature, the viewers will be able to gauge the popularity of the video once it is posted.

Live views and likes

The real-time count animation on likes and views will keep changing even if the video is paused or being played. So, every time a viewer changes the app or switches the tab to YouTube, they will see the updated counts.

However, the live counter feature on YouTube is not permanent. The real-time counter will only be available for a span of 24 hours. This means that if the viewers check the live counter animation on a video that is more than a day old, they won’t be able to see real-time likes and views.


Though the real-time likes and views count on YouTube will help the viewers determine the popular or trending videos, not many users are happy. Some users regard this feature as a distraction while watching the video. But YouTube has played around with features like humming and AI chatbot feature to enhance the users’ experience.