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YouTube Announces Video Suggestions Based On Colors

Explore videos based on colors of the thumbnail

Yes, YouTube announces video suggestions based on colors on the app for Android smartphones. Currently, it is in the testing phase on the YouTube app. This feature won’t work on a desktop.

In a recent announcement, YouTube unveiled a new feature that will revolutionize how users discover content on the platform. The popular video-sharing website will now provide suggestions to users based on the colors of the thumbnail they are interested in. This groundbreaking development aims to enhance the user experience by tailoring recommendations to individual preferences but as per the colors. Isn’t that interesting?

YouTube Is Testing A New Feature To Recommend Videos Based On Colors

The predominant colors are- red, green, and blue. If the user selects a color, the feed will update to reflect that color’s hue and show thumbnails of that color.

youtube videos according to colors

YouTube is attempting a new thing with this upgrade for Android users by giving them the option to watch utterly new content from YouTubers they aren’t already following.

Also, with the new color option, content creators can retain their thumbnail colors to red, green, and blue to make their videos stand out more on search engine results pages and in suggested videos.

There is no definitive way to find the color options. But it can really be fun to watch videos based on colors.


As Google announces video suggestions for the YouTube Android app based on colors, it will be exciting for viewers to pick and watch videos based on the thumbnail colors. With new features coming in every few weeks, YouTube has been re-designing and upgrading the library for a better user experience. Indeed, things are working out in YouTube’s favor, as nobody seems to complain about new updates.