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YouTube launching It’s New Playables Games To All Users

Play games on YouTube at your leisure time!

Being a premium member of YouTube has been fruitful for users. YouTube’s exclusive features and benefits are included in the premium, including the most recent YouTube gaming feature: Playables.

Everything About YouTube New Playables Gaming For Exclusive Users


YouTube has come a long way in terms of having everything in one place. As everyone is fond of games, YouTube seems to connect with slowly growing companies with gaming initiatives. This feature is currently available for premium users who can directly play over 75 games on YouTube. These games include chess, crosswords, and also the most popular casual mobile titles like Angry Birds Showdown.

Offering a bunch of games to their audience is the way to retain them on the platform. Before YouTube, LinkedIn had done the same stunt to keep people engaged with the platform. In the case of YouTube, it is the way to keep people subscribed to premium facilities.


YouTube initiated keeping games on the platform last year and launched fewer games for its exclusive members. Now, the platform has expanded the count to 75 games so far and may develop more in the future. Besides YouTube gaming, the platform has also developed other features like replying to Super Chat messages that allow you, as a creator, to respond to your supporters.