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How To Set The YouTube Premiere Countdown?

Can you customize the YouTube premiere countdown? How do I create a countdown for YouTube premiere?

Do you want to set the YouTube Premiere countdown? Due to the ongoing pandemic, watching movies online gained a lot of momentum. Live premiere events even were at a standstill! YouTube, the video giant, came to the rescue! Yes, the YouTube video premiere countdown allows you as a YouTuber to premiere your upcoming video. In this blog, we’ll see how to set the YouTube premiere countdown.

Steps to Set the YouTube Premiere Countdown

Do you have live sessions with your audience? This is one of the ways you can increase engagement with your viewers. The YT premiere allows you to schedule and add countdowns while uploading your video. So if you want to build your viewers’ anticipation, you can add the YouTube video premiere countdown. Follow these steps to set the YouTube Premiere Countdown:

1. Open YouTube

2. Click on the “user icon” on the right upper side.

3. Open YouTube Studio.

youtube premiere countdown

4 Click on the camera like the icon to upload a YouTube video.

youtube premiere custom countdown

5. Now click on “Upload videos.”

youtube premiere countdown timer

6. Tap on “Select files” and choose the video that you want to upload.

youtube video premiere countdown

7. Once you select the video, click on “Open.”

change youtube premiere countdown

8. Click on “Visibility.”

YT premiere countdown

9. Now select “Public.”

YT premiere countdown music

10. Tick on “Instant Premiere.” This means that you and your viewers will watch the video as soon as it goes live.

YT premiere custom countdown

How to set the YouTube Premiere Countdown Timer?

If you want to add the YouTube premiere countdown timer, you need to schedule your video.

1. Click on “Schedule”

YT premiere countdown timer

2. Set the time and date according to you.

3. Tick on “Set a premiere”

YT video premiere countdown

4. Click on “+Set a premiere”

5. Select the “countdown theme” and “countdown length”  from the available dropdown.

youtube premiere countdown

6. Before saving your changes, you can see a preview of them that you set along with the length of the time. Finally, Click on “Save”

youtube video countdown

Yay! You have successfully scheduled the YouTube video premiere countdown! Now you will be able to see the YouTube video with your viewers and chat with them while they see it.

Also, the countdown will raise the excitement levels!

YouTube Video Premiere Countdown

You can also add the the YouTube video premiere countdown to the existing videos. But you need to remember that your video will turn into a private one while you add the YT video premiere countdown.

YouTube Premiere Countdown Music

You can change the YouTube Premiere Countdown Music according to the theme of the countdown. For instance, while uploading the video on our YouTube channel, we are using the dramatic theme for the YT premiere. You can select any other theme from the dropdown list. If you change the theme the YouTube premiere countdown music will change according to one you like.


Now that you know how to set the YouTube Premiere Countdown. Go ahead and make try this out to increase the anticipation levels between your viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube Premiere have a countdown?

Yes, the YT premiere has a countdown. Before your video goes live, you and your viewers will be able to see a live count down to your video premiere.

Are premieres on YouTube good?

Why not? Make your audience curious about your upcoming video and do not forget to tell your viewers about it via social media.

How do you put a countdown on YouTube?

When uploading your video Got to “Visibility” and schedule your YT premiere

  • Click on “Schedule”
  • Set the time and date according to you
  • Tick on “Set a premiere”
  • Click on “+Set a premiere”
  • Select the “countdown theme” and “countdown length”  from the available dropdown.