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YouTube Is Filling The Void Of “TikTok Remix Button” With It’s New Feature

Want to make remix video for your TikTok account? YouTube got you covered.

You may miss grabbing some of the opportunities approaching your way. But YouTube has not failed to miss any. As TikTok has lost the remix button due to certain disputes with Universal Music Company, YouTube grabbed the opportunity to develop the remix feature overnight for users. Let’s look more into the new features that came into existence of YouTubers.

YouTube Rolls Out New Remix Button Feature For Creators


If you already have the YouTube remix feature, you will see that this feature comes with four different options. This includes sounds, collab, green screen, and cut for creating your own rendition of an accompanying clip. Some of these options are self-explanatory, but still, we’ll give an overview of each for better understanding.

1. Sound: This option helps you extract the sound of the video and create your own on it.

2. Collab: You can create a short video alongside the other’s video.

3. Green screen: This lets you use the video as a background and record your reaction.

4. Cut: If you have liked a clip from a video and are urged to add it to your video, the cut feature can help you do that.

TikTok was the only application ruling high with the remix button features where small creators can interact with their favorite creators using the feature. But with the recent news, it appeared that TikTok has some disputes with the Universal Music Company, leading users to lose audio on their videos.

TikTok may work on their clashes with Universal Music Company to have access to audio back. Creators will have two platforms to make videos if it returns to good terms with Universal Music. However, if not, no sweat! YouTube will always have the remix button as your savior with additional tools.


Social media platforms are unpredictable, and so do YouTube. Now, even if your TikTok stopped working for a reason, you won’t have to wait for it to get fixed. You can create your videos using YouTube tools and upload them on both platforms. The YouTube remix button comes with four additional TikTok tools to make viral videos.