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How To Make A Animated YouTube Video?

Here's the perfect guide to know how to make a animated YouTube video

Creating engaging animated videos is a great way to attract attention to your YouTube videos and grow your channel. However, as a beginner, creating the perfect animated videos can seem a daunting task. Equipped with a proper knowledge of how to make an animated YouTube video and the right tools at your hand, you can easily create captivating animated videos in less time. Let’s walk you through the key aspects of creating animated YouTube videos.

Creating Animated YouTube Videos- Step-by-Step Guide

Step by step guide to make animated YouTube videos

Creating an amazing anime video involves several steps, and its nuances vary according to the type of video you wish to create. We have outlined the significant steps below:

1.  Write A Stellar Script And Create A Storyboard

Similar to the blueprint of an under-construction building, a script acts as the roadmap for making an engaging animated YouTube video. A script consists of the narration, dialogues, and key points that you wish to convey through the video. It helps you determine the objective of your video content.

Once you have the script, convert it into an intriguing story. The story should be short but engaging and should convey your message. Your story must consist of:

  • Hook- Captures the audience’s attention and gives them a compelling reason to stay and watch your video till the end.
  • Patty- the main content of your video. Whether you are creating a tutorial series or marketing videos, the patty should deliver the promise and live up to the hook.
  • Final CTA- This is the final part of the video, where you deliver the key messages and guide the viewers to a specific CTA. A captivating hook with an interesting patty compels viewers to watch the video till the end and inspires them to take the desired action.

Storyboard feature is available in various animated video editing tools like Premiere Pro. It provides a complete flow of your video’s structure, the story, and the key messages with the most effective CTA.

2. Make A Rough Animatic

Before you work on making the final version of your animated video, it is often better to create a rough animatic that reflects the flow of your storyboard. It involves setting the right keyframes, creating appropriate motion graphics, and setting the timeline for each scene. It is much more convenient to make changes in these frames before editing the complete video.

There are various professional video editing tools available online that provide pre-made templates for quick editing. In case you wish to have a firm grasp on your creativity, you can even create an animated video from scratch through the video editing tools. You can add more scenes and pick the style that best suits your needs. Ensure that the animations align with the story and that the overall video looks believable.

3. Edit The Animated Video

Once you have created a rough draft of the animated video and have a clear picture of the flow, you can invest your time and efforts to edit the details more closely. You can use any video editing software available online or prefer the industry standard professional video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro. Choose the best video format for your YouTube video, which is optimized for smartphones and widescreen TVs. The standard 720P HD is a good default resolution for viewing videos on your smartphone. Once you have a clear thought about the animation style, you can easily make engaging animated YouTube videos that attract likes and subscribers.

Remember that your animated YouTube video should evoke an emotion among your target audience.


With the three steps illustrated above, you are well-equipped with the know-how to make an animated YouTube video with the right tools and ideas. These tips are easier when implemented and sharpen your creative capabilities with consistent practice. A professional video helps to gauge the attention of your audience and attract more views to your YouTube videos, thus boosting your channel’s growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Make An Animated Video For Free?

There are video editing tools available online that can help you create an animated video for free. However, the quality won’t be as good as expected. However, we suggest to take advantage of the free trial offered by online video editing tools.

Q2. Can I Convert A Normal Video Into An Animated Video?

We won’t recommend converting a normal video into an animated video since it requires a good deal of technical knowledge. However, a better way is to create a new video from scratch using various templates available in professional video editing tools.

Q3. What Are The Types Of Animated Videos?

Mostly you will find the following 5 types of animated videos;

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation(most common)
  • Slow motion
  • Motion Graphics
  • Kinetic Text

Q4. What Is The Best Tool For Making Animated Videos?

The best choice for making animated videos depends on your exact needs and goals. In general, we recommend selecting an online video maker with smart editing tools and providing a comprehensive suite of features. For ease of use, we recommend using the industry standard software Premiere Pro for creating animated videos.