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Which Is The Best Green Screen For YouTube In 2024?

Getting a green screen for filming YouTube videos? Here's what you should know

Are you a YouTube gamer looking to use the green screen for better visuals in your videos? In the YouTube gaming world, green screens are a weapon of creation. These screens allow YouTubers to add anything they would like, from effects, videos to still images in the background to make their videos more entertaining and fun. Some of them have nailed green screens by creating their personal visual effects and ideas, bringing more uniqueness to their content. This swapping of backgrounds is also known as chroma key.

This blog will discuss why creators on YouTube should use green screens and the different types of green screens they can use.

Why use Green Screens for YouTube?


Using green screens lets your users understand how creative you are. Some might stick to showcasing one location in their videos, while others swap between locations without having to leave your home to record different surroundings in the same video. Depending on the content, this can help you garner more views and subscribers on your channel.

Create your studio from anywhere without spending on purchasing an entire film studio. It provides brilliant visual consistency and helps you dodge unpredictable situations. For example, if you were to shoot at a location with hundreds of people walking past you, you would never get the recording shot in time, keeping in mind the lightning, weather, and background sound that will disrupt your flow and your quality video.

If you have a picture of the location you want to use, you can digitally insert it as a background while sitting in the comfort of your home. Also, green screens are affordable compared to other options to make your video’s quality better, and setting it up is just a piece of cake.

How to use a Green Screen for YouTube videos?

The most common colors used are green and blue for chroma-keying as they don’t blend with our skin tones and hair color. These days, green is preferred over blue because the cameras are more sensitive to that color. This helps with creating a clear key effect. But if you plan on dressing up into something that is a shade of green, blue is a safer option.

But with tools such as WeVideo, you can use the chroma key tool to remove any color you’d like. In WeVideo editor, similar to Photoshop, you can select the backdrop and disappear. Once that’s done, you can then replace it with the background of your choice… and there you have your green screen video.

Different Types of Green Screens for YouTube

1. Fabric or paper

Green fabric or paper is cost-friendly, depending on the size of the product. There is a higher chance of paper getting less wrinkly than the fabric. You can roll up the paper, but in case it wrinkles, there is no going back. With the fabric, it comes folded, which needs to be ironed.

2. Paint

Many YouTubers prefer painting a wall that is wrinkle-free but not quite feasible. But if you feel like going down that road, always go for a low-sheen paint to avoid glare and shadow while recording.

3. Foldable pop-up

We kept the best for the last. Foldable pop-ups are the best option when you’re on a budget. They are affordable, portable, and wrinkle-free. The only disadvantage with pop-ups is the size; your space to play around will be very limited.

Tips for using a green screen


  1. Use a smooth and clean green to avoid any dark spots while recording.
  2. Use different lighting that illuminates the green screen evenly.
  3. Keep some space between the subject and the green screen.
  4. Use slow-motion movements when recording with a camera that has low shutter speed.
  5. Review your recording footage to look for any shadows caused by lighting.
  6. Use blue screens when recording green elements like trees, grass, etc.
  7. Use video editors to replace the background and edit any flaws.


Green screens are a massive boon for creators; they help them gain more attraction by changing their backgrounds to whatever their vision might be. It helps a lot during video editing and so on. The best way for gamers to upload and shoot video is through a green screen. There are various other ways through which gamers can boost their views on YouTube and gain more subscribers.

In conclusion, Green Screens for YouTube have so many immense features that can be accessed, from creating animations to your background to adding just a simple background to your video. So go ahead and invest in a great green screen and give your Youtube channel more boost and subscribers!