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YouTube Shopping Updates To Increase Your Earning

Don't miss these features if you want to increase your YT revenue!

YouTube isn’t just a video-sharing platform anymore. It is a whole means of earning money for creators, whether through sponsorship or affiliate marketing. Seeing all these, YT introduced a separate YouTube shopping channel last year for YouTubers to help manage their product videos.

No lie, YouTube is a full-time earning platform for most creators. This spring, the platform added exclusive features to the YT shopping channel to boost their YouTube careers. Let’s understand everything it says.

Steps Into Spring With New YouTube Shopping Features

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We have had a separate YT shopping channel since last year, where viewers can watch videos of different brands. When YT saw most viewers watching shopping-related videos, which also increased by 25% in watch time, they understood the potential of this niche. To enhance the conversion for the creators, the video-sharing platform rolls out four YouTube shopping features. This includes shopping collections, the affiliate hub, enhanced tagging, and the fourth wall.

Here’s what each brings to the table:

Shopping collection: 

The name says it all: shopping collection is a feature that allows creators to curate their favorite product videos on the list. Collections are like virtual stores to the creators; they appear in the product list, store tab, and video description.

Affiliate Hub Special Offers: This YouTube shopping feature allows creators to find the latest list of shopping partners, commission rates, and promo codes and request sample products from top brands.

Tags Products: The YouTube shopping channel’s tag feature lets you tag products in bulk across different videos. The platform is expanding the feature to all shopping creators. This feature is a great way to increase revenue from the older content that still gets high traffic.

Fourthwall: The fourth wall feature allows creators to create and manage their stories directly in YouTube Studio.


If you are a YouTube shopping creator, reviewing these new features and adding them to your strategy will help increase efficiency. This is a great way for creators to showcase their product list on their channel. It will be like a virtual store of creators from where people can purchase goods, increasing their earnings.