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YouTube Something Went Wrong: Best Ways To Fix It Immediately!

Get Rid of this Error In With These Simple Fixes.

You might get annoyed if you get YouTube something went wrong error repetitively. You might have checked your internet connection multiple times, but that might not be the problem. Therefore, we have figured out some reasons why YouTube something went wrong error is happening and how you can fix it immediately.

What Is “Something Went Wrong” Error On YouTube?

As a YouTube user, we are sure you must have come across the “Something Went Wrong” error message on YouTube. Also, on YouTube something went wrong appears when you are surfing on the app or in the middle of watching a YT video.

When the error takes place, this generally means that there is a temporary glitch from YouTube’s end, which is why it prevents the video from loading. The second most common example of this message from YouTube something went wrong try again can be due to a broken link for that particular video. This indicates that the issue is from the website’s end, which has uploaded the video.

If and when a user experiences Something went wrong on the YouTube app or browser due to the videos embedded on your website, it is harmful to the user experience. Also, it portrays your site in a negative light for Google. It can affect the engagement rate and result in a higher bounce rate for your website. So, the majority of “Something went wrong” error message is due to a technical glitch from YouTube’s end or the host’s end.

What Causes ‘Something Went Wrong” YouTube Error?

Finding out what causes the YouTube app ‘something went wrong’ error is the first step to solving the problem. We have listed below a few causes that will help you to troubleshoot the problem effectively.

  1. Poor internet connection
  2. Outdated YouTube app or browser version
  3. Temporary server issues
  4. Technical glitch of the app or the WiFi connection you are using.
  5. A faulty WiFi connection

The above-mentioned are some of the common causes of the issue. Understanding the specific issue will help you to take appropriate measures to resolve the problem of the ‘YouTube Something went wrong’ message while loading a video. In the next section, we have listed several steps to combat the issue and get back to uninterrupted viewing experience of YT videos.

9 Ways To Fix YouTube Something Went Wrong Error

If you’re facing something went wrong please try again YouTube error, then here are some fixes that you must try:

Update The App To  Fix Something Went Wrong YouTube App Issue

First thing first, whenever you get that something went wrong, please try again YouTube error; you need to update the app. The app is outdated, and that’s one of the reasons the app has stopped responding.

Update The YT To  Fix Something Went Wrong YouTube App

Install YT App’s Latest Version

Check the latest version of the YT app on your someone else’s phone who isn’t facing the YouTube app something went wrong error. Once you know the latest version of the YT app, you can download the same version from the App Store.

If you’re an Android user, you can download the app from the apk link.

Reinstall The YouTube App

If there is a glitch on the YouTube app, then nothing can solve the issue until you uninstall the app. Once you delete the YT app from your iPhone, you can download its latest version from the Appstore.

Force Quit The App To Fix YouTube App Something Went Wrong

Has YouTube stopped working on your phone, or is the video stuck? In this case, you need to force close the app from the background. This usually happens if your phone is on low storage. Clearing the app from the background will release some RAM space.

Now you can open the app and start watching the video again.

Login & Logout From The App

There’s a possibility the YouTube app something went wrong issue is happening only on your account. In this case, you can sign out and sign in back into your YouTube account. Here’s how you can log out YT on iOS devices:

  1. Open the YT app and tap on your profile picture.
  2. Now tap on your name.
  3. Finally, tap use YouTube signed out.

Login & Logout From The YouTube App

Restart Your Phone To Fix YouTube Something Went Wrong Error

Switching your phone off will clear the glitches in your phone if that’s the problem why the YT app is not working on your phone.

Wait for some time, and then restart your phone. This will fix the bugs, if any.

Check The Internet Connection

If something went wrong, please try again YouTube error has happened on your phone, then you must check your internet connection. If you’re connected to your mobile data, there’s a possibility that the internet is not working. Try connecting to Wi-Fi and vice versa.

Disable VPN To Get Rid Of Something Went Wrong YouTube App

If you have a VPN app on your phone, then you must uninstall it. Or if you’re using it on your browser, then you must disable it. VPN is one of the reasons why something is wrong with the YouTube app does not work.

YouTube Server Is Down

But if you have tried all the above-mentioned fixes and still face the issue, then there’s a possibility that the YouTube server is down. In this case, there’s nothing you can do. You only can wait till the server issue is solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my YouTube app not working?

There might be some glitch with the app or a bug on the phone. Therefore restarting the app or your device will solve the issue. But if still, the YouTube app does not work, then you need to clear the YT app cache.

Q2. How do I fix the YouTube video error?

Here’s how you can fix the YouTube video not working error:

  • Restart the YT app.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Clear the app cache.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Update the YouTube app.

Q3. Why does YouTube keep saying error loading tap to retry?

The YouTube video might not load mostly because of the internet issue. Check your internet connection and retry. If the error still exists, then YT’s server might be low.

Q4. Why YouTube is not working in Chrome?

The internet speed might be low, or there might be network issues; that’s why YouTube might not work on Chrome. You must check your internet connection.


You now have all the possible reasons why YouTube something went wrong error happens. Also, if you do not have the YT app, you might watch videos on the browser. While you’re using your browser, you might face the error 400. Fixing the 400 YT error is simple as fixing this one.