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YouTube Tests A Mystery Button That Plays Random Videos

Here's what the Play Something Button Will Show!

You obviously have a video to watch in mind when you open the YouTube app. But everyone has the question, ‘What do I watch?’ in their free time. Guess what! YouTube is now gearing up to answer this question! Yes, YT is in full swing to test the Play Something button that will tell their viewers what to watch when they open the app. Here are all the fillers you need to know about the YouTube new mystery button.

YouTube Tests A New Button To Start Playing Short Videos

Sometimes, there’s a moment in the day when you randomly open YouTube, and you do not know what to watch. That’s when this mystery button will tell you what you can watch on the app.

YouTube is not only a search engine, but it has also worked towards recommendations to its viewers.

As observed by some users, the ‘Play Something’ appears on the Home Page. For some users, a widget appears on the Home Page that says, ‘Can’t decide what to watch?’

playsomething button on youtube

If a user clicks on the button, they will be led to YouTube Shorts. These Short videos that appear are recommended by YouTube are based on the watch history of the users.

This button is one of the easiest ways to discover videos on YouTube. The Play Something button on YouTube is not only helping users to see random videos of their choice, but it is also an opportunity for new creators to get discovered.


With the Play Something button on YouTube, viewers can watch random Short videos. With the monetization of YouTube Shorts, this is going to be a boon for content creators who want to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program. Currently, it is unclear how widely this feature is being tested. Therefore, if you cannot see the Play Something button on YouTube, you must update the YT app from the App Store or Google Play Store. In case you still do not find this mysterious button on the homepage, you need to wait until YT makes it available globally.