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YouTube’s New Editing Feature To Shorten Your Long Videos Into Short

It's time to trim your videos hassle-free!

YouTube has lately rolled out a new feature for users and brands to cut out long-form videos into short clips. This new feature is apparently fruitful in promoting videos through YouTube Shorts. The new editing feature on YouTube is currently available on iOS devices and is expected to be developed soon on Androids in the future. Now, if you want to use this feature to create short clips for your YT Shorts, read this blog till the end to unfold the process.

YouTube New Editing Feature Helps In Promoting Your Videos


Creating short clips of your videos to promote on the platform is one of the best ways to advertise your content. It works like a trailer for your videos, which entices people to watch the entire content. Earlier, making short clips requires advanced editing skills or reshooting the video. In any case, both processes were energy-draining. However, YouTube’s new editing feature has become a savior for millions. It offers numerous editing tools that are compatible with other remix tools.

YouTube Shorts have more viewers than actual long videos. Therefore, it is believed to have fruitful results using the new editing feature in advertising content and attracting new audiences.

How To Convert Long Videos Into Short Through New YouTube Editing Feature?

YouTube Shorts are one of the fastest-growing content formats, bringing almost 50 billion views daily. This means that users who prefer short clips more in number than those who watch long videos. Here’s how to convert your long video into short clips to direct your potential audience to actual videos.

1. Open the YouTube app and select the video you want to shorten.

2. Tap the remix button and select edit into a short option.

3. Now, trim the video using the slider to select the part you want to keep in your clip, and then tap on the layout using the YouTube editing feature.

4. You will see numerous options, like single or square, to zoom into one particular part of the video. You can also use the split screen feature to trim the unwanted parts.

5. Pinch and drag the video to see the preview. If the video turns out as you want, tap on Save the Layout. And Done!


There are different advertising methods available for creators to utilize in promoting their videos. One of them is using the YouTube Shorts. The new YouTube editing feature of converting long-form content into short clips helps you make the trailers of videos to post on YT Shorts. Surprisingly, it takes minutes shorter than expected. So, you can quickly employ this feature to create advertising Shorts for your brands from existing videos.