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How To Change YouTube Shorts Thumbnail?

Edit your YouTube Shorts thumbnails in a few easy steps.

YouTube Shorts are no less than Instagram Reels. If you have started posting YouTube Shorts and want to go back on some of the Shorts and change YouTube Shorts thumbnail to make them look more appealing, well, we understand why. Every YouTuber wants to improve their YouTube Shorts game since this feature is the best way to reach new viewers.

However, before getting to know how to change YouTube Shorts thumbnail, it is crucial to know that editing your thumbnail or changing it is not available for all creators. According to YouTube’s official comment on this, many users are getting the prompt, “For now, you can’t change the thumbnail of your Shorts.” YouTube is currently looking into the matter and will be updating all users soon. Till then, for the rest users, here’s how you can change the Shorts thumbnail.


How To Change YouTube Shorts Thumbnail?


Changing the YouTube Shorts thumbnail is an effective way to engross viewers in watching more of your video content. To change YouTube Shorts thumbnail, follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click on the Content Tab from the left-side menu.
  3. Under Channel content, go to the Shorts section.
  4. Click on the Shorts video you want to edit the thumbnail of.
  5. Scroll down in Video details.
  6. Under Thumbnail, click on edit.
  7. Choose a new thumbnail and click on Save.

This is how you can change thumbnail on YouTube Shorts. The newly changed thumbnail will appear for that particular Shorts from then on.

How To Add A Custom YouTube Shorts Thumbnail?


Maybe only understanding how to change Shorts thumbnail isn’t enough. What if you want to up your creative game altogether? Many YouTubers change their thumbnails to custom designs to maintain uniformity. It also reflects their personal style and uniqueness.

Here’s how you can change your Shorts thumbnail to something customized and specific.

Designing Your Thumbnail

The primary step to making your custom thumbnail is to design it. You can use any online designing software like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, or others to design unique and highly specific thumbnails. When you create a definitive thumbnail style for your YouTube videos, you establish your unique brand image and identity among the viewers. The aspect ratio of the thumbnail should be 16:9.

Adding It To The Video

Now that you have designed a thumbnail for your YouTube Shorts, you have to add that image to the beginning or the end of the video. This makes your Shorts look more professional while also working on increasing the CTR of the video. If you wish, you can even skip this step; however, if your thumbnail contains specific information, it’s best to add it.

Editing The Thumbnail On YouTube Shorts

The next step is to add your custom-created thumbnail to the YouTube Shorts and saving it. To add your custom-made YouTube Shorts thumbnail, you need to go to Creators Studio > Content > Shorts. Here, select the Shorts you want to change the thumbnail of and edit it. That’s it! In a few easy steps, you can edit a Shorts thumbnail to something customized to your theme.

How To Have An Effective Thumbnail For YouTube Shorts?

Now you know how to change YouTube Shorts thumbnail, but are you sure you know what kind of thumbnails would work for attracting more viewers? It’s true that there is no one way to determine what kind of thumbnails work the best for everyone. But there are definitely a few tips that happen to work with most YouTubers.

Avoid Clickbait Thumbnails

Click baits do have a negative impact on your viewership since many people click on your video looking at the contents of the thumbnail. And when the whole video has nothing to do with the thumbnail, it becomes misleading and deceptive.

Using High-Quality Images

Never lack your content game! In the digital era, where viewers prefer every image or video in the highest quality, don’t fail to deliver that. When incorporating any images in your thumbnail or wanting to change Shorts thumbnail, make sure that they are of good quality so they don’t deteriorate while getting uploaded on YouTube.

Branding Your YouTube Channel

Change thumbnail on YouTube Shorts that fit your brand identity and conveys that to the audience. Keeping a consistent style in your YouTube Shorts thumbnail will establish your brand identity and make users aware of your unique creative style. When you maintain this consistent branding, your videos become more recognizable to viewers.

Adding Winning Titles Or Texts

When creating thumbnails, make sure that you add engaging text to the YouTube Shorts thumbnail. Change thumbnail on YouTube Shorts to one that includes text with an engaging tone to make viewers click on that video. Adding relevant texts that cover the topic always gives better viewership. You can even look for fonts that work best on YouTube thumbnails.


Change your YouTube Shorts thumbnail to something more engaging, relevant, and unique that informs users about the video’s topic. YouTube Shorts are the best way to quickly boost your following on YouTube. With YouTube Shorts Monetization policy, this is an even better way to earn and grow on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my custom YouTube Shorts thumbnail not showing?

Unfortunately, the issue of the custom YouTube Shorts thumbnail not showing has not been fixed by the platform yet.

2. What size are YouTube Shorts thumbnails?

The aspect ratio for the YouTube Shorts thumbnail is 16:9, and the best size for them is 1920X1080 pixels.

3. How do you change YouTube Shorts thumbnail on phone?

Tap on the YouTube Shorts video you want to change the thumbnail of and tap on the pencil icon to edit the thumbnail.