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Best Time To Post YouTube Shorts

This is the best time to post on YouTube Shorts...

Knowing the best time to post YouTube Shorts can optimize your channel’s engagement in such a short time. Lately, YouTube Shorts is giving tough competition to TikTok and Instagram reels. Posting Shorts videos regularly will improve your overall channel’s presence on the platform. However, knowing the right time to post and strategizing using those factors is crucial.

Use this blog as a guide to understand the best time to post YouTube Shorts and accelerate your growth on the platform.

What Is The Best Time To Post YouTube Shorts?


The best time to post YouTube Shorts is between 12pm to 3pm and 7pm to 10 pm EST. Although this is the time frame when most YouTube Shorts should ideally be posted, it is important to understand that it also depends on multiple factors.

As a YouTuber, if you’re aiming to improve your YouTube Shorts game, you’re on the right track! YouTube Shorts have the potential to make your content reach newer viewers and make your visibility peak on YouTube. However, with consistency, there are other things that matter when posting a YouTube Short.

Factors To Determine The Best Time To Post On YouTube Shorts

The YouTube Algorithm works differently for all YouTubers. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, it is completely based on your channel analytics, the industry your YouTube channel falls in, and your country. So the best time to post on YouTube Shorts can be made out based on these factors:

Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is a massive step towards detecting the best time to post on YouTube Shorts. As a YouTuber, you must go and check all the insights on your target audience from their age range, location, and interests to understand the best times to post YouTube Shorts. When are your audiences using the platform the most so that you can post accordingly.

Time Zone

As we saw, demographics do play a crucial role in determining the best times to post on YouTube Shorts, and time zone is another one of them. Cracking the code from where your target audience belongs will allow you to schedule your posting timings accordingly. If you want to maximize your reach to a global audience, you need to narrow down a time of posting that works best for all and when most users are active.

Day Of The Week

What day of the week does most of your audience watch your videos? Generally, posting after a weekend on Monday or Tuesday is the best time to post on YouTube Shorts.  These days are said to give out higher engagement and better viewership. However, many YouTubers post on Sunday evening also, so it is suggested to viewers the next day.


Is Christmas coming soon? Focusing on seasonal content and posting accordingly will also affect your reach immensely. The best time to post Short on YouTube is during a festive season or holidays as most viewers are free and looking for something to watch over the internet. Posting a day or two before a holiday will allow your video to work under YouTube’s algorithm and reach viewers on the day of the holiday so that they can enjoy your content in their own time.


Knowing the best time to post YouTube Shorts will not only make your channel gain higher engagement but also help you broaden your reach. When you study your analytics, you can take out insights that will allow you to make out the best time to post your YT Shorts.

Here is a video that might help you in creating top-quality YouTube Shorts easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the ideal duration for a YouTube Shorts video?

The ideal duration of YouTube Shorts is 30-60 seconds. Based on the audience’s interests, they engage and watch Shorts that keep them on the hook from start to end.

Q2. Can I post 3 or more YouTube Shorts a day?

YouTube does not limit any creator from posting any number of YouTube Shorts per day. So it is purely based on what your audience likes and how often it engages with your content.

Q3. How often should you upload on YouTube Shorts?

Posting consistently on YouTube Shorts will speed up your engagement on YouTube. However, determining how often you should post depends on your channel analytics. Many YouTubers post Shorts on alternate days or twice a week.