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5xx server error: What Are They And How To Fix Them?

How do I fix 5xx server error? How long does 5xx error last?

Are you getting the 5xx server error on your browser? This might be internal server errors or a bad gateway. Here are the different types of 5xx server errors and fixes you need to know!

What are the types of 5xx server errors?

500: Internal Server Error

This is one of the most common messages that you might encounter. This indicates a generic server error that is displayed when the server is not able to determine the exact problem.

501: Not Implemented

Whenever you get the 501 error on your screen, it is because the server cannot understand the request made or is unable to perform the request for some reason. This typically suggests future accessibility.

502: Bad Gateway

If the server operates as a gateway or proxy server, you might get the 502 error. Also, the upstream server may return an invalid response.

503: Service Unavailable

If the server is undergoing maintenance or overloading, the server will be unavailable, and hence you might get the 503 services unavailable error. However, it is generally a temporary issue, and the user should try again later.

504: Gateway Timeout

Similar to the 502 error, 504 error appears when the upstream server fails to respond on time. It entirely means that the server is f

How to Fix the 5xx server errors?

Refresh your browser

Like the 500 error, some of the errors might only be temporary, and hence once you reload the page will solve the issue. All you have to do is resubmit the URL from the address bar by pressing F5 or Ctrl+R on your keyboard. This will refresh your browsing page.

Clear cookies

Sometimes cookies related to the website cause the 5xx errors. So once you delete them and refresh, the browser can often solve the problem. Follow these steps to clear cookies:

Go to “Settings”

what are 5xx server errors

Click on “Privacy and security.”

5xx server errors

Tab “clear browsing data” and go to “Advanced.”

5xx server error whatsapp web

Now finally, click on “clear data.”

5xx server error instagram

Contact your host/server

If the problem continues, the best step is to contact your host or server directly to find out what the problem is. Chances are they are already on top of it or undergoing maintenance, but this will help put your mind at ease and give an idea of when it may be up and running again.

How to fix the 5xx server error WhatsApp Web?

5xx server errors whatsapp web

Your network might be one of the reasons why you are getting the 5xx server error WhatsApp Web. All you have to do is download ultrasurf from the website. Then unzip and run the exe file. Now you can open your browser and open WhatsApp web on your browser. If the error still continues then it means that the WhatsApp server is having an issue.

If the issue is resolved that means your internet connection might have been the reason for the 5xx server error on WhatsApp web.

Here’s how you can fix the WhatsApp error if it isn’t working.

How to resolve the 5xx server error on Instagram?

5xx server errors instagram

Restart the app: This is one of the best solutions to resolve the 5xx server error. You need to restart Instagram and see if the issue is resolved.

Instagram server down: You need to wait till the server is rectified.

Bad Internet Connection: Your internet must be down, hence you might be getting the 5xx server error on Instagram.

Switch To Wi-Fi Or Restart Mobile Data: If you are using your mobile data then you can switch to Wi-Fi or restart your data and check if your Instagram is working.

Restart Device: Some bug in your phone might be causing the Instagram 5xx server error.

Update Instagram App: Your Instagram might be outdated, you need to update the latest version of the app from the app store or the playstore.

Reinstall Instagram App: A gitch in the app might be one of the reasons for the error. Hence you can uninstall the app and then reinstall it again.

Use Instagram on browser: Try using the browser version of the app.

Log In and Out of Instagram account: You can try logging out of your account and login back to see if the issue gets resolved.


Now that you know the different types of 5xx server errors and how to fix them you can go ahead and resolve them sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix the 5xx server error?

Ans. 1. You can simply reload and check if the issue gets resolved.

2. Check your internet connection

3. Consider any changes or upgrades to the system that you have carried out recently and roll them back until the issue is resolved.

Q2. How long does the 5xx error last?

Ans. It usually takes 5 days for Google to take out the page from your search results after the 5xx error starts returning.

Q3. What is a 5xx server error on Whatsapp?

Ans. The 5xx server error on Whatsapp happens because of server issues. This comes up when the server is unable to fulfill the users’ requests.

Q4. How do I fix the 5xx server error on Instagram?

Here are the top 5 ways to fix the 5xx server error on Instagram:

  1. Check if your Internet connection is working
  2. Update Instagram
  3. Log In and Out of Instagram account
  4. Reinstall Instagram
  5. Use Instagram on browser